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ActiveSG Exclusive Runners Clinic workout

Running in the right direction

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Running, while not innate, can be considered almost natural for most of us.

Ever since we took those baby steps, running followed soon after. In fact, some may even take it to the next level by going on to competitive running.

It would be an unusual experience then, for experienced runners to realise that many things about running can still be gleaned from others.

However, it proved so for running enthusiasts after they were given a treat on 6 February to attend a free exclusive running clinic held by ActiveSG and partner, Train.Live.Compete.

ActiveSG Exclusive Runners Clinic
Running enthusiasts were invited to an exclusive running clinic held by ActiveSG and partner, Train.Live.Compete at SportsHub. (Photo by VoxSports)

The runners arrived in numbers and packed the auditorium at Sports Hub, as they listened to RacingThePlanet president of events and ultramarathoner Samantha Fanshawe, and Italian FIDAL Track & Field Federation instructor Corrado Giambalvo share their tips and hints for running.

ActiveSG exclusive running clinic
RacingThePlanet president of events and ultramarathoner Samantha Fanshawe (centre). (Photo by VoxSports)

Both speakers captured the attention of their audience, as they refrained from the usual presentation style of simply showing powerpoint slides. Instead, they complemented it with humour, as well as their own personal experiences, to engage with those present.

ActiveSG Exclusive Runners Clinic
An attentive audience soaking in the tips and hints from the experts. (Photo by VoxSports)

Both runners had different viewpoints at times, but they both agreed on one thing: to make running a natural and daily process.

It proved to be an interesting evening for the participants, as they received tips on how one should prepare for runs, especially for those interested in marathons and ultramarathons.

Even a health-certified physician, who should know about the human body better than most, was surprised by what was discussed during the clinic.

“I’ve been running for the past one year and this session has been very informative,” said Evan Sim, a medical doctor by profession.

“I learnt how to take care of myself during a marathon run, how to improve my timing, what are the strides like.”

It was also apt that the clinic culminated in a 3.5km run around the Sports Hub, as each speaker led a group each. The run was anything but mundane, as Corrado and Fanshawe encouraged their respective groups to embrace what they learnt during the clinic, and to practice it during the run.

ActiveSG Exclusive Runners Clinic
Italian FIDAL Track & Field Federation instructor Corrado Giambalvo (second from right, in red top) sharing some tips with his group during the run. (Photo by VoxSports)

“The course was great, the energy level was high, we learnt how to run properly, how to prepare for marathons and we also got to do a trial run with one of the world famous coaches around the complex, so that was really cool,” said Annabelle Kwok (below, right).

ActiveSG Exclusive Runners Clinic
Clinic participants Nien Xiang and Annabelle Kwok. (Photo by VoxSports)

“They are also a kind of inspiration to us because these are people who have been running ultra-marathons, so hearing them give us advice on how to run is an amazing opportunity,” she added.

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