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Extreme Sailing Series 2015 news

Red Bull draws first blood at ESS2015

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The Extreme Sailing Series 2015 Act one was held in Singapore from 5 to 8 February. The four-day event concluded with the Red Bull Sailing Team drawing first blood and taking home the pole position with a score of 232 points.

SAP Extreme Sailing Team (below) came in a close second with 227 points, a five-point difference as compared to the previous day when they were only behind by three. The team is viewed as serious title contenders to Red Bull this year.

Extreme Sailing Series 2015
SAP Extreme Sailing Team (Photo by VoxSports)

Land Rover, the series' main partner, also recognised youth sailing talent in the act and gave out an Above and Beyond Award. The prestigious award was awarded to Jason Waterhouse from the Red Bull Team for his stunning debut performance.

Extreme Sailing Series 2015
Jason Waterhouse (centre) from the Red Bull Team receiving the Above and Beyong Award. (Photo by VoxSports)

Thousands of folks turned up and cheered for their favourite teams from the public Race Village. The final day of racing saw nine top international teams battling it out in superb conditions of 15 knots, with gusts up to 21 knots.

The 600 by 300 metres racecourse saw teams taking the fair share of the lead in the 32 races.

The Red Bull Sailing team, which consists of double Olympic gold medallists, Roman Hagara and Hans Peter Steinacher, was made up of a few rookies like Jason Waterhouse, Stewart Dodson and Shaun Mason who performed beyond expectations.

Extreme Sailing Series 2015

Red Bull Sailing team (Photo by VoxSports)

“We have a fuller orientation in the team now and our plan is to have a full orientation all day long and we will see how it works,” Steinacher said.

“If you see it here, it works perfectly well and Jason got his chance. He took it and that was what its coming out. You see, if you give the young people the opportunity, they can do it,”

Winning the opening Act was a great morale-booster for the team.

“We have raced in Singapore but we never managed to bring it through. This is the first time we won the act here in Singapore and it was really great,” the Olympic gold medallist added.

The team had struggled initially for the first two days, but Steinacher felt that the key point this time was them keeping the fire to fight for all four days and believing in themselves.

“It does not matter if you are in the last or in the first place in one race. You have to continue, keep the fire on, and this is exactly what you want,” he added.

Although our local entry, Team Aberdeen, did not make it to the podium, the team put up a close fight and managed to place within the top-three spots in some of the races. The team was led by Nick Moloney, with Adam Beashel, Tom Dawson, Freddie White and Singapore's very own Justin Wong, a Team Singapore sailor and Asian Games Gold medalist completing the team.

Extreme Sailing Series 2015

Team Aberdeen in action during the race in Singapore. (Photo by VoxSports)

Sailing from the time he was 13 years old, Justin Wong has a proven track record in this competitive sport. He achieved credible results in various junior events before moving on to the 420 class as a crew with equal success. In 2004 Justin started sailing the Olympic 470 Class. He subsequently had the opportunity to represent Singapore in the 2005 SEA Games. Showing extreme versatility, Justin and his skipper, Xu Yuan Zhen, won the Gold at the SEA Games in the 420 class. 

team singapore j80 sailors

Team Singapore's Justin Wong (second from right) at the Incheon 2014 Asian Games. With him were (L-R) Christopher Lim, Russell Kan, Maximilian Soh and Andrew Paul Chan. (Photo by Singapore Sailing Federation)

“It was a pleasure to compete in this fleet - it is an elite group. There is a lot of new additions to the fleet which is really exciting,” Nick Moloney said.

Please click here for the full results of Act one. 

Act two of Extreme Sailing Series would be held in Muscat Oman from 11 March to 14 March.

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