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Team Singapore Chingay float TeamSG

One Team Singapore set to star in Chingay

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Team Singapore Chingay float

KF1 Karting Circuit has teamed up with Sport Singapore to rally Singaporeans and spread the message for greater affinity between Singaporeans and our national athletes through the festival’s float named One Team Singapore at Chingay 2015. (Photo by KF1 Karting Circuit)

As a lead up to the rally call to support our national athletes in one of Singapore’s biggest sporting years, Chingay 2015 will see Team Singapore athletes from floorball, basketball, waterpolo, women’s rugby, karting and more, as well as Nila, the official SEA Games mascot, come together to unite the love of all sports in Singaporeans.

Mr Richard Tan, Managing Director of KF1 Karting Circuit, the architect and originator behind the One Team Singapore float, shared on the move to partner SportSG: “We chose to participate in Chingay as 2015 is a really special year for Singapore. To celebrate the nation’s 50th birthday, and encourage Singaporeans to bond through sports, we are bringing karting together with other sports, as One Team Singapore.”

Mr Toh Boon Yi, SportSG’s Chief of Strategic Development & Marketing Group, said: “We are delighted to be a part of Chingay and it is an opportunity to reaffirm the notion that every one of us in Singapore is a part of One Team Singapore. As our national athletes compete on the sporting arenas on our behalf, it is important that they can draw strength from the rest of us – their fellow teammates. Ahead of the SEA Games and ASEAN Para Games in the year of SG50, let’s all come together as OneTeamSG and rally behind our athletes.”

Team Singapore Chingay float

(L-R) Toh Boon Yi, SportSG's Chief of Strategic Development and Marketing Group, and Richard Tan, Managing Director of KF1 Karting Circuit, together with Team Singapore athletes and KF1 karters. (Photo by KF1 Karting Circuit)

One Team Singapore continues the campaign to build support for our athletes at the upcoming SEA Games and ASEAN Para Games. OneTeamSG refers to the concept that there is a village behind each athlete, with every Singaporean being part of the same team, each playing different roles as athletes, coaches, fans, families and friends. It encourages Singaporeans to turn up in force to cheer our athletes on as they represent us on the sporting arenas.

Built by Arina Holding International, the One Team Singapore float will feature a mix of athletes from various sports and Team Strong Silver, whose appearances will be co-ordinated by Sport Singapore, an elevated running track with mannequins, and parkour sportspeople on the specially-imported trampoline and parkour ramp. The footages from the OneTeamSG video that was recently launched by SportSG will also be screened on the customised float.

Spectators at Chingay will also behold an entourage of kart drivers with custom-made lit up karts accompanying the float (see below), as well as karters circling on the float’s custom-built karting track.

Team Singapore Chingay float

(Photo by KF1 Karting Circuit)

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