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ComfortDelGro taxi drivers trying out Piloxing news

ComfortDelGro, ActiveSG partners up for taxi drivers’ health

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ActiveSG kicks off a corporate partnership scheme with ComfortDelGro, in a move to promote healthier lifestyles among taxi drivers.

Mr Yang Ban Seng_Mr Lim Teck Yin and ComfortDelGro taxi drivers during the mass workoutComfortDelGro taxi-drivers tryout Piloxing, one of many workouts offered under ActiveSG. 

ComfortDelGro turned OCBC Square at the Singapore Sports Hub into a vibrant sea of blue and yellow last Saturday, during an event that marked the commencement of its collaboration with ActiveSG. This partnership, which will benefit some 37, 000 taxi drivers, aims to help these drivers adopt healthy habits and avoid occupation- related risks.

With a mass Piloxing workout session, stationary bicycles, and an assortment of other gym equipment available at Saturday’s event, ComfortDelGro personnel were treated to a taste of the sporting activities and facilities that they will soon be granted easy access to.

According to the terms of this partnership, ComfortDelGro taxi drivers will be able to use all ActiveSG gyms and swimming pools for free on Wednesdays. In addition, constant updates on ActiveSG programmes as well as regular fitness workshops will be provided, so as to better educate them on how to establish healthier lifestyles despite their exhausting schedules.

“Given the sedentary nature of their job and the hours our drivers put on the roads, the welfare and health of our taxi drivers have always been one of our main concerns,” explained Yang Ban Seng, CEO of ComfortDelGro (Taxi Business).

Mr Yang Ban Seng_Mr Lim Teck Yin_and Mr Lai Chin Kwangfrom left: Mr Lim Teck Yin (Sport Singapore CEO), Mr Yang Ban Seng (CEO of Comfort DelGro) & Mr Lai Chin Kwang (ActiveSG Chief) at the ActiveSG-ComfortDelGro Taxis Collaboration Launch.  

Veteran cabbie Lawrence Tang, who has been driving for twenty years, certainly agrees that exercising to promote blood circulation is important in his line of work, especially given the hours they spend sitting behind the wheel.

“I will probably choose Wednesdays now to take a break and go [to ActiveSG centres] for a bit of exercise, or maybe to go swimming with my family members,” resolved the 65-year-old.

“[This initiative] is very encouraging. Taxi drivers can now go to any ActiveSG sports complex in Singapore for exercise,” concurred fellow driver Joel Tan.

The 38-year-old may have just started driving a taxi three months ago, but he is aware of the health risks that accompany his chosen profession, and intends to allocate sufficient time for exercise in order to prevent lower limb and spinal problems.

And it’s not just physical health that ActiveSG and ComfortDelGro hope the taxi drivers will pay attention to. Aptly, the former’s objective to get Singaporeans to “live better through sport” also applies to the psychological aspect of their lifestyles. ActiveSG believes sports will better equip these drivers to face the mental rigours of their work routines.

ComfortDelGro taxi drivers trying out the rowing machinesTaxi-drivers trying out stationary bicycles that are available at various ActiveSG Sport Centres.

Indeed, despite having encountered generally pleasant passengers in all seven years of her career as a taxi driver, Jamilah Jabar related that stress is inevitable when on the road. Already an ActiveSG member, the spirited lady often does exercise to “relax [her] mind” after a long day at work.

“I exercise to look young too!” added Jamilah, who is in her forties.

Based on the sheer number of Singaporeans that the company’s drivers interact with on a daily basis, they are ideally positioned to spread ActiveSG’s message of healthy living, as well as help motivate other organisations to follow in ComfortDelGro’s footsteps.

“This collaboration marks the start of an important journey – one that will help taxi drivers lead a more active lifestyle amid their erratic work schedules, and in turn become role models who can inspire their passengers and the larger community to stay active. We look forward to working with more like-minded organisations in extending our reach,” remarked ActiveSG Chief Mr Lai Chin Kwang.

After all, free access to facilities in return for helping to inspire others to live healthily is a pretty fair trade-off, isn’t it?

ComfortDelgro ActiveSG Collaboration_Taxi driver try out crosscore equipmentTaxi drivers trying out the cross-core equipment. 

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