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4 ways to whip your gear back into shape technology

4 ways to whip your gear back into shape

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Whether you are hitting the ActiveSG gyms, running around MacRitchie or playing any sport, you’ll find your gear getting roughed up over time. Be it a little dirt on the shoe, funky smells you can’t get rid off, or stubborn stains that just won’t come off. Here are some hacks that you could try to get your gear looking (almost) new!

Muddy shoes

4 ways to whip your gear back into shape 
Before and after treatment. (Photo by Kai Kai)

Most dirt and stains come off clean with some soap and water, but for the tough ones, you might want to try this unconventional treatment.

Dab a cloth with some nail polish remover and simply rub the marks away. Be careful not to use too much as it might corrode your shoe!

Tip: If you have suede on your shoe, you can remove light stains with a white eraser too.

Stinky shoes 

No one likes to slip into a smelly and dank pair of trainers. One way to freshen it up is to place fresh tea bags in your shoes for a day or two. Pick a flavour that you like to smell a hint of at your next workout.

4 ways to whip your gear back into shape  

Freshen up your stinky trainers with good ole' tea bags. (Photo by Kai Kai)

Tip: Do avoid tea bags that contain sugary ingredients so as not to harbour any unwanted visitors (ants).

Sweat marks 

You’ve worked out hard and you feel great, but sometimes not so great for your clothes that now has sweat marks. Textbook cleaning involves soaking in baking soda and warm water before laundering, but if you don’t have baking soda in your kitchen, then head to your medicine cabinet.

Crush two aspirins and mix with warm water to form a paste, apply it over the stains and leave on for 20 minutes. After which, subject it to your usual washing procedure and it should be spotless again! 

4 ways to whip your gear back into shape

Crushed aspirin. (Photo by Kai Kai)

Grease/Oil stains 

Now, if you go to the gym, you might have had a few brushes with the machines where you get some grease on your hands which then inadvertently get onto your clothes (see below, circled). Well, if all conventional cleaning fails, try this seemingly crazy method. 

4 ways to whip your gear back into shape

First, spray some WD-40 on the stains, and scatter a layer of baking soda over. Subsequently scrub it with a brush or a cloth till you are happy with the result. Throw it into the wash and your top should come out spick and span. 

4 ways to whip your gear back into shape

WD-40 and baking soda. (Photo by Kai Kai)

4 ways to whip your gear back into shape

As good as new, almost. (Photo by Kai Kai)

Tip: You might want to put a layer of cardboard or similar material behind the stain so that the WD-40 does not seep beyond the affected area.

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