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Printing 3D prosthetics for athletes: now everyone can play

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Printing 3D Prosthetics for Athletes: Now Everyone Can Play

Nonprofit organizations are responsible for most adaptive sports programs, but high equipment costs have made it difficult to provide disabled athletes with what they need. Trying to recycle old equipment isn’t a viable option, as most equipment needs to be custom fitted to the athlete. Since medical insurance won’t typically cover athletic items, it’s often difficult for these athletes to be able to afford their own gear.

A 14-week study done by Howard K. Brodwin, his firm, the Anderson Strategy Group, and the UCLA Anderson School of Management confirmed that the main hurdle for athletes with disabilities was justifying the exorbitant costs for equipment. 3D printing prosthetics using stronger polymer materials with superior flexibility are now a realistic option. The study confirms the use of 3D printing from various athletic wheelchairs to specialty prosthetics, and the finished findings will be presented at the Angel City Games, which is a multi-sport event for disabled athletes of all ages. 

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