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Kobe explains how he was very involved with the design and tech elements in his latest shoes

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Kobe Bryant

Set to end an illustrious 20-year NBA career at the end of this season, Kobe Bryant is in the middle of his swansong season. Few athletes have ever experienced a career quite like Kobe’s. He’s been extremely successful on the court, dealt with off the court issues, and turned his personal brand into a global force via a sponsorship with Nike. The combination of these experiences seems to have made him quite the business man as well.

In a revealing interview with Marques Brownlee, a popular internet personality who reviews technology, Kobe divulges how involved he is in the making of his new Nike shoes from both a tech and design perspective. He brings a combination of a research and soccer mindset to his shoes and is very knowledgeable when explaining the materials and why his latest shoes (the last line of shoes he will launch will playing), Kobe 11, had certain alterations made to aid him in his athletic needs.

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