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Healthy birthday party food options for your child

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While children’s birthday bashes are indeed good excuses for cheat days, they should never lead to an all-out high-fat or high-sugar binge. Besides, copious amounts of candy and cocktail sausages may not sit quite well with the adults who are more health-conscious.

How can one create a healthy and appetising balance when catering a child’s birthday party? We have a few ideas that will please both the picky kids and the grown-up gourmets.

Substitute processed meat with proper protein

Whether or not you acknowledge the World Health Organisation’s classification of processed meat as a cancer-causing product, you’ve got to agree that party favourites such as cocktail sausages and bacon sandwiches do more harm than good.

Why not offer the growing muscles some much-needed protein in the form of mini steak sandwiches or grilled chicken burgers? Additionally, you can also crumble in a bit of feta for a calcium kick!

Always remember the fruits and vegetables

A large plate of gorgeously coloured and antioxidant-rich berries will certainly bring a spot of brightness to your food corner. Sweet, refreshing, and bite-sized, the likes of strawberries and blueberries are always appealing to the little ones.

Of course, sneaking vegetables into your “mains” are of paramount importance as well, especially when dealing with picky children. Slide tomatoes, arugula, and zucchini slices into your sandwiches and you’ll have a balanced treat ready for the kids. Don’t forget to set aside a tasty bowl of salad for the adults too!

Throw out the junk

Potato crisps, prawn crackers, and gummy worms…High in sugar, sodium, and fat, these items don’t make much of a nutritional snack. Ditch these in favour of healthier and yummier bites, such as lightly salted popcorn (hold the butter!), puffed rice, apple crisps, and organic Vitamin C candy.

Bake your own birthday cake

Who could forget the ubiquitous birthday cake? However, instead of getting those sugary, store-bought ones laced with food colouring and fondant figures, take the time to bond with your child while baking one of your own! Just remember to go easy on the cream and processed sugar; opt for natural flavours such as dark chocolate, fruits, and raw honey instead!
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