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Encouraging wellness at the office

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office wellness

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The driving force behind a successful company is a happy and healthy workforce. Hence, it is important to incorporate wellness in the work environment and encourage your employees or colleagues to inculcate habits that improve their health. 

Wellness can reportedly lead to greater work productivity and less absenteeism. The best part is, promoting it often costs little to no money.

Even if you don’t have the resources to build a full-fledged gym for your employees, here are few simple healthy initiatives you can promote at the office:

Boost healthier eating habits

It’s time for a raid… of the kitchen to get rid of any junk food in sight, switching them out for healthier alternatives, such as fruits or yoghurt.

Considering other food selections for company celebrations and birthdays (instead of the traditional pizza and cake) is also an excellent way to get employees involved, by encouraging them to suggesting new options that are healthier.

Another great way to promote healthy eating would be to declare a certain day of the month the “Healthy Treat Day”, where each employee would receive a small bag of healthy treats (e.g.: raisins).

Don’t neglect mental health

The term ‘wellness’ does not only equate to looking healthy but feeling healthy as well. Mental health should be held at an equal, or perhaps even at a higher regard, than its physical counterpart and could have a direct impact on the latter. Abundant and unmanaged stress could lead to heart disease, high blood pressure and sleeping problems. This domino effect will affect productivity, giving rise to inefficiency, job dissatisfaction, and absence from work due to health conditions.

Seek to improve your employees’ mental health by offering assistance programs for those who might be displaying symptoms of stress or depression. You could also encourage employees to take simple measures in reducing stress such as taking a short walk outside the office for some fresh air once in a while.

Improving the environment

The working environment can play huge role in encouraging wellness at the office. Subtle changes in and around the workplace serve as great reminders for employees to take notice of their own physical and mental health.

Putting up informative signs around the office is one effective way. For example, when flu season rolls around, break out posters explaining the bug and detailing preventive measures. An educational poster about the food pyramid could reside in the kitchen while the fridge could be decorated with magnets of colourful fruits and vegetables.

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