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2015 sports digital roundup news

6 key takeaways from the 2015 year in sports digital

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2015 sports digital roundup

It’s been a great year in the sports digital industry with a handful of new marketing trends, event experiences, sponsor activations, and insights from sports business conferences across the globe.

Of course, there’s no better way to experience sports digital by staying connected while actually attending and participating in sporting events too!

I’ve done it all this year and have heard loud and clear the marketing and engagement strategies of some of the most influential brands in sports. Some key trends to consider:

1. Continue to Focus on Engaging Millennials

In typical fashion, conversation around how sports brands should engage the millennial audience remains prevalent. As described at the 2015 Momentum Sports Marketing Symposium by Johnny Volk, Director of Social at StubHub, “They [millennials] want to be talked with, not talked to”. He explains that millennials are very smart and sensitive to advertising while then touching on the notion that people will keep scrolling if they don’t believe content is genuine and authentic.

Read the full article here. Check out for global sports technology coverage.

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