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Precision-SSS (Sports Science System) has launched a Kickstarter campaign technology

New Kickstarter product aims to enhance athletic performance of non professional athletes

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Precision-SSS (Sports Science System) has launched a Kickstarter campaign

Precision-SSS (Sports Science System) has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their wearable Electronic Performance & Tracking System (EPTS). The technology was created at the European Space Agency (ESA) with aims to improve athletic performance. Athletes are continually pushed to their limit of physical capacity and this technology enables users to continue to do so without the risk of injuries. 

The system focuses on biomechanical fatigue and deterioration of performance. The platform places emphasis on three main components: prevention, preparation, and performance. The technology shows if a player is at risk of an injury by showing fatigue in one leg versus the other. It allows coaches to understand how the players are preparing for their games with their individualized data. The data also allows players and coaches to ensure the proper rehabilitation after a game to prevent further injury. All of these features allow the technology to individualize the data for each user so athletes everywhere can have their very own sports science sports team without the extra fee or requirement to be on a professional team.

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