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Intro to compression wear

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Compression material allows your muscles to keep breathing and helps to maximise performance levels (photo credit: Farhana Beunsro Jaaf).

The fitness scene has take taken over Singapore by storm. Singapore has been taking up an active role in hosting all kinds of international marathons and sporting events for the fitness enthusiasts to indulge in. 

How does one prepare him or herself to participate in these running events? With new technologies comes a new form of attire. Compression wear is all the rage this season. While the global sports medicine field is still split in two camps when it comes to determining the effectiveness of compression wear on sports performance, sports enthusiasts the world over have taken to sports stores to get their hands on the latest fad.

Benefits of compression wear?

It is believed that compression material allows your muscles to keep breathing and helps to maximise performance levels. Compression technology focuses the muscles’ energy to generate maximum explosive acceleration and long-term endurance. This material dispels the sweat to prevent rashes and chafing.

This line of new compression apparel does not only limit itself to just shorts but has branched out to sports bras, running socks and t-shirts for both men and women. Big sporting brands such as Nike and adidas have incorporated this new technology into their line of sporting attire. 

“I honestly feel that compression apparel has helped to increase my performance. I have recently invested in a pair of compression shorts and I absolutely love them,” said Markus Heeman, an avid runner. 

Running is one of the top sports that sees participants wearing compression wear. However, there has been a shift in trend to incorporate the new type of wear in other sports, such as football and tennis. Some have also tried swimming and aqua-aerobics with compression wear in place of regular swimwear, and the results have been equally gratifying as well.

“I switched to compression shorts not long ago and I feel that it has really helped me. It feels more comfortable with no seams that causes chafing. It’s great,” expressed Charanpreet Kaur, a regular runner.

Multiple Uses

Besides boosting performance while engaging in sports, there are many other uses for compression wear as well. Donning on the suit during post-exercise routines could help to ease muscle stiffness and improve muscle recovery time. It is also believed to help improve blood circulation as well.

Compression apparel can be found in most sporting stores around Singapore. Be sure to add one to your sporting wardrobe to keep up with the trend of compression wear this sporting season!

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