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e-Celsius Performance connected pill technology

French League 1 soccer team used an ingestible connected pill to track players

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e-Celsius Performance connected pill

BodyCap has just announced the successful testing of the new e-Celsius Performance connected pill that performs temperature monitoring for elite athletes. The testing took place on ten FC Nantes soccer players during two French League 1 games on September 13 against Rennes and on September 26 against Paris Saint-Germain. The e-Celsius Performance connected pill aims to analyze player’s ability to regulate their temperature during warm-up and play and track the return to baseline values during recovery.

e-Celsius Performance, the ingestible pill, continuously monitors the user’s internal temperature. Players swallow the pill a few hours before the match begins and there is no requirement to wear a monitor. Every 30 seconds, the pill wirelessly transmits the athlete’s gastro-intestinal temperature measurement to a monitor called e-Viewer Performance. The pill stores measurements for up to 16 hours when away from the monitor and then this data is wirelessly transmitted once the pill is back within the 3-meter range.

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