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Upgrading ActiveSG Sports Champions to version 2.0

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The inception of the ActiveSG movement has seen the roles of Sports Champions change for the better, ActiveSG Chief Lai Chin Kwang said during a learning journey on Wednesday.

Civil servants were invited down to Seng Kang Sports Centre and were given a glimpse as to how ActiveSG, an all-encompassing and inclusive national movement for sport, has transformed the lives and jobs of the staff over the years. 

Learning journey

Chief of ActiveSG Lai Chin Kwang speaking during the learning journey. Photo: Sport Singapore

“We are changing mind sets and embracing the whole entire journey of learning and growth,” Mr Lai said about the ActiveSG transformation.

“The learning and growth is important from the perspective that they know there is opportunity for them, not only to do their current job… but the potential for them to grow, not just in terms of salary and position, but just for personal learning, to do more things and be more capable of handling more complex stuff.”

“This is a fundamental step - a step for a life guard to be able to be a fitness instructor, from a guest officer to a pool guardian. You can be a deputy life guard… perform CPR and even aiding to save lives of those people who are in need.” 

Learning journey

Sports champions demonstrate how to rescue a drowning person during the learning journey. Photo: Sport Singapore

Sports Champions also shared how the ActiveSG transformation has bettered their lives and given them brighter prospects for career and personal growth.

Yusnisha Mohamed Yufoff, a Senior Fitness Instructor, was apprehensive of the change at first, but has grown to love it and found the expanded job scope fulfilling and rewarding.

“So the news came and said that instructors are supposed to be pool guardians, like an assistant life guard. I didn’t know if I could take up the challenge, but I went on with it. I thought ‘let’s try’,” she said.

“I never liked the pool. I never thought that I could learn how to swim but today I am able to swim. And I am so proud. 

Learning journey

A Sports Champion leading a tour during the learning journey at Seng Kang Sports Centre. Photo: Sport Singapore

“One day, there was this family that came up to me and pat me on my back. I turned and looked at the father, and he actually told me these two words that have changed my life.

“He said ‘good job’. It really changed me. I was thinking, people actually noticed what we were doing. People see us.”

Teo Choon Seng , who is a Pool Operator at Seng Kang Sports Centre, also said he was appreciative of the change, as he would have had no opportunity of career growth without it.

“Without this transformation, my career path is stagnant. So there is no career path at all, no job advancement. So with the transformation, I am able to carry on and continue learning," he said.

“I wish to express my sincere thanks to ActiveSG for this transformation.”

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