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An Unbreakable Theme

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You’ve heard the song. Performed by Tabitha Nauser, Amir Masoh’s Unbreakable filled 28th SEA Games venues with dynamism and excitement. Its accompanying music video, too, was well received by online audiences, garnering nearly 900, 000 views.

Now, fans of the song will have a brand new music video to savour, for an 8th ASEAN Para Games (APG) version has been produced.

Featuring Team Singapore athletes, the video showcases the high-performance nature of their unique sporting disciplines, demonstrating to the nation that they can achieve as much as – or even more than – their able-bodied compatriots.

“The lyrics of the song Unbreakable are meaningful to us, especially the part that goes ‘within your mental vision, you are unbreakable’ because it really boils down to what we perceive of ourselves, our inner strength. If we believe that we are unbreakable, then we are unbreakable,” professed boccia player Nurulasyiqah Binte Mohd Taha.

Produced in the same vein as the first, the Para Games version of Unbreakable highlights the intensive training that the athletes undergo, the mental and physical rigours required of their respective sports, and the pillars of support that they are thankful for.


theresa goh


“Now that they’re filming a similar video with the same song for the para athletes, it’s definitely something very encouraging to me and to the rest of the para athletes. It will allow the public to see how many similarities there are, how hard we train, and how hard we strive for glory for our country,” expressed swimmer Theresa Goh, one of the music video’s stars, who appeared alongside her Singapore Sports Institute gym trainer Scott Vanderput.

Cerebral palsy football captain Khairul Anwar, who shot scenes for the video together with his teammates and coach Mohamed Zainudeen, agreed: “This song is about us pushing our limits, especially with the word ‘unbreakable’. We’re a team. We’re not supposed to break apart.”

The upbeat character of the song certainly facilitated the filming process, as these first-time music video stars, spurred on by Unbreakable’s meaningful lyrics, gave it their all during the simulated “training sessions”.

“A lot of the scenes captured in this music video are what we do on a daily basis: training, mental preparation, and physical training. So it’s pretty accurate in terms of capturing the pressure and the intensity of training before going into a competition,” remarked Nurul, who filmed her portion of the video with team-mate Toh Sze Ning, sports engineer Patrick Ang as well as their coach and ramp assistants.


boccia - nurul and sze ning


Of course, the presence of these primary sources of support also brought further significance to the music video and the entire production process. Badminton player Tay Wei Ming was especially grateful for the presence of his coach Simon Koh.

“I feel very honoured to have [my coach] taking part in this video with me because I’m actually quite close to him and I want him to shine together with me in this video as well!” he said.

Asian Para Games gold medal-winning sailor Jovin Tan, on another hand, shared his hopes that Singaporeans would be inspired by his brother  Kevin’s efforts, “Ever since I started sailing 15 years ago, my brother has been a caregiver and a volunteer in the sailing community. I really thank him for giving his time.”

“Getting him involved in this music video gives him a sense of recognition and motivates more youths like him to come forward to volunteer for the [para sports] community.”

Be inspired by the extraordinary people in this music video and show your support for Team Singapore athletes at the 8th ASEAN Para Games from 3 to 9 December this year!


Catch them on set behind-the-scenes of the making of "Unbreakable"! 


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