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Sensoria smart sock technology

Sensoria smart sock: The wearable that's good for your sole

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Sensoria smart sock

The smart sock that wants to save your sole. (Nic Healey/ CNET)

LAS VEGAS -- There's no shortage of wearable tech to help you track your distance and speed when you run, but the smart sock from Sensoria Fitness can actually give you detailed feedback on your running technique.

First seen as a crowd-funding campaign back in 2013, Sensoria has now completed the smart sock's development process and is preparing to ship in the Northern Hemisphere Winter of 2015.

The sock has textile pressure sensors embedded in the sole and these feed data back to a removable anklet that, in turn, syncs the information with the Sensoria smartphone app. This happens in real time, so you can be checking your cadence and striking pattern as you run (just make sure you watch out for traffic!)

Sensoria smart sock

Sensoria says the sensors are completely comfortable and won't be noticed when you run. (Nic Healey/ CNET)

Sensoria says that both cadence and the way your foot hits the ground as you run can have a big impact on your overall performance and health. The company links heel striking -- that's when you land on your heel as you run -- with a greater chance of injury to the knee, ankle and lower leg. By monitoring your technique, Sensoria says that you can not only improve your running, but ensure that you'll be able to keep running for plenty of years to come.

The company is aiming the sock at the serious runner -- "the marathon runner looking to improve their time" according to a Sensoria spokesperson at CES 2015.

The same spokesperson told us that when it ships, a pack of two socks and one anklet will retails for $199 (AU$245/£133), but the site lists the price at $149 (AU$185/£99) so you might want to check again closer to the formal launch. The site also lists additional socks for $49 (AU$60/£32) a pair and a second anklet will cost you $169 (AU$60/£110). 

Sensoria smart sock

The anklet ships with a proprietary charger. (Nic Healey/ CNET) 

The anklet gets about six hours of battery life and it doesn't actually store any data -- you'll need to have your phone with you when you run or you won't get any feedback. The socks are good for around 60 washes, which if you're a really serious runner might only be two months or so.

We've got a review unit coming in, so we'll be putting the sock through its paces to see whether this smart technology can really give you happy feet.

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