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SportCares launches the Rice Bucket Challenge

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Team spirit came roaring into SNL CAG Central last night as five mixed teams of young footballers raised over $1100 in our first Rice Bucket Challenge by SportCares. The money will be pooled with other funds in an initiative, organised by Cecilia Liew, to donate rice to soup kitchen Willing Hearts. So far, we have raised enough funds to purchase 780 kilograms of rice for 4785 meals!

Donors to the cause included the boys, the coaches and SportSG/SportCares staff. The Ansar Senior team was at an away game last night but they also contributed money to the Rice Bucket Challenge. Shouting special thanks to volunteer photographer Dave Poh and videographer Roy Tay! Thank you EVERYONE for your generosity in giving back.

Joining the footballers who came from all four SNL venues was our very special guest #JiaJia, the running ambassador for the #SCMSEast zone. He captained Team Respect, which also featured #SCMSWest zone running ambassador Thaslim from Xerox United. Together, Thaslim and Jiajia won the two-man-team race despite a fierce fight by West J United's Nicholas and Ahmad representing Team Caring. 

SportCares launches the Rice Bucket Challenge

Dr Jia Jia (in yellow, with spectacles) was the special guest for the inaugural Rice Bucket Challenge organised by SportCares. Nila, our SEA GAMES 2015 mascot, was also there to cheer them on. (Photo by SportCares)

Every challenge completed by the youths triggered a donation to the rice bucket. They were required to shout "NILA" when they were done. Nila, our SEA GAMES 2015 mascot, was onhand to rally the boys throughout the night. Ivan and Rafa from Realmadrid Technical Academy were the very stern officials for the games, scoring on teamwork, sportsmanship and the noisiness of the cheering. The louder the better! Indeed, Team Trust won bonus points for their boisterous cheering.

SportCares launches the Rice Bucket Challenge

Every challenge completed by the youths triggered a donation to the rice bucket. (Photo by SportCares)

Team Graciousness, helmed by Nas from the Ansar Junior team, won the first game to complete "100 push ups" in 90 seconds--a challenge set by Dr Jiajia! Team Graciousness also took the merry go round (aka as the circle of trust) challenge where the team had to work together to move a football around the court and back.

Rice Bucket Challenge

Dr Jia Jia attempting the "100 push ups" in 90 seconds challenge, with Nila cheering him on in the background. (Photo by SportCares)

Team Caring scored big during the Crossbar challenge, a test of the boys' dribbling, juggling and shooting skills. Both Ahmad and Syukor (from Bola) hit the bar for $200 in bonus points! Team Respect also scored $100 in bonus points, thanks to a direct hit from Ansar Junior's Amerul. Team Responsible won points for tenacity and resilience. 

However the big winner was Willing Hearts. Our boys will be helping with the delivery to the soup kitchen on 4 October.

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