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SportCares at Under Armour Singapore Ultimate Open 2014

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SportCares at the Under Armour Singapore Ultimate Open

The Ultimate Frisbee team from SportSG, which included five of our SportCares youth from community partner Blue Xephos, at the Under Armour Singapore Ultimate Open. (Photo by SportCares)

It was hot, really hot. The sun was burning into the Farrer Park Fields but that did little to stop the participating teams from blazing up and down their play zones with quick footwork and well-coordinated team work. The Ultimate Frisbee Community was there for the Under Armour Singapore Ultimate Open organised by the Ultimate Players Association. A call for participation from corporate teams got a team from SportSG, which included five of our SportCares youth from community partner Blue Xephos, supporting at the all-day event.

In the morning, all the corporate teams, got brought through the basics of Ultimate Frisbee. It was a definite game-changer for the day ahead, and everyone got up to speed on the play and the ulty lingo (yeah! we got round to familiarising ourselves with the terms too!). After a good lunch and a quick rest, the teams started the friendlies and the real action started. 

SportCares at the the Under Armour Singapore Ultimate Open clinic

The SportSG Frisbee team being briefed on the basics of Ultimate. (Photo by SportCares)

Team SportSG went up against teams from Citibank and National University of Singapore in 20-minute games, with some teams' seasoned players making it a challenge to score those precious points. The Team, determined, kept their spirits (and the discs) up in the air, as much as possible, through each match.

At the end of each match, competing teams exchanged high-fives and gathered, members interspersed, in a huddle to give thanks and share more about their teams. Our SportSG colleagues shared from the heart, about SportCares and about the youth there that day. They inspired the teams we played against to burst into spontaneous cheers - "Hip Hip Hurray for SportCares!!!". A big thank you to the Ultimate Players Association (Singapore) for an all-round amazing day of ulty that bridged corporate with the community.

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