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Shimano Cycling World opens at the Singapore Sports Hub

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vShimano Cycling World(Photo by: Chiu Ling/Sport Singapore)

The Shimano Cycling World, an experiential and interactive gallery of all things cycling, is truly the first of its kind. The 650 sq m hub, located next to the Singapore Sports Museum at the Singapore Sports Hub was officially launched on 25 September 2015. Mr Lim Teck Yin, Chief Executive Officer of Sport Singapore was the guest-of-honour at the official opening of the Shimano Cycling World. 

Shimano Cycling World, Sport Singapore CEO Lim Teck Yin, retired Singapore national rider Kenneth Tan Sport Singapore CEO Mr Lim Teck Yin (right) with Mr Kenneth Tan, Singapore’s most decorated professional cyclist. The bicycle in the background was used by Kenneth when he was racing with Shimano Racing Team in Japan in 1989-1990. (Photo by: Chiu Ling/Sport Singapore)

“The Sports Hub is a place built for Singaporeans to watch, play, support and learn about sports. It has brought a certain buzz and excitement following its completion earlier this year. Therefore, Shimano Cycling World is rightly placed here at the Sports Hub where visitors can learn more about cycling. We see the Shimano Cycling World as part of an integrated offering to visitors with the soon-to-be-open Singapore Sports Museum,” shared Mr Lim Teck Yin.

Shimano Cycling World, Dream MachineThe “Dream Machine” and 16 screen panel display (Photo by: Chiu Ling/Sport Singapore)

The Shimano Cycling World exhibits fascinating and experiential installations. It is a place where people can come to learn more about the history and technology of bicycles. As visitors first step into the centre, they will encounter the “Dream Machine”, a display that consists of 200 interconnected sprockets, wheels and chains in motion. Below this display is a 16 screen panel where visitors can view exciting videos from Shimano Race TV that features various disciplines of cycling to inspire people to get on their bikes.

Shimano Cycling World, Cycling Singapore(Photo by: Chiu Ling/Sport Singapore)

Need information on how to plan your rides? Cyclists can obtain useful information via “Cycling Singapore”, an interactive panel that provides weather updates, location of bicycle shops, user generated cycling routes and the Park Connector Network (PCN).  There is also another touch screen panel “Cycling Global” an application where users get to “explore cycling routes around the world” through trip journals, images and videos.

Shimano Cycling World Opening(Photo by: Chiu Ling/Sport Singapore)

Bike enthusiasts can spend their time at the centre browsing through a wide selection of reading materials that include cycling books on bike touring, Tour De France, professional riders’ biographies, bike maintenance and many more. On top of that, there is also an interesting collection of bicycles from different eras that visitors can pull out of their display one by one for closer observation. 

Matsui Hiroshi, Director and Senior Vice-President of Shimano IncMr Matsui Hiroshi, Director and Senior Vice-President of Shimano Inc addresses the audience (Photo by: Chiu Ling/Sport Singapore)

Mr Matsui Hiroshi, Director and Senior Vice-President of Shimano Inc, said: “Shimano Cycling World is for everyone – people from all walks of life and different ages – to come and learn the history and technology behind cycling. From the young to the elderly, all are welcome here. Through Shimano Cycling World, we hope to (1) enrich and develop the local cycling culture (2) promote a healthy lifestyle through cycling (3) contribute towards Singapore’s sporting culture and knowledge (4) enhance the sport services industry.” 

Shimano Cycling World Opening(Photo by: Chiu Ling/Sport Singapore)
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