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Incheon Daily: Striking Out The Ennui

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jazreel tan, new hui fen and cherie tan

Team Singapore's (L-R) Jazreel Tan, New Hui Fen and Cherie Tan celebrate winning the silver medal in during the Women's Trios final (Photo by Vivek Prakash / Sport Singapore)


Team Singapore’s bowlers swiftly put behind their disappointment of not winning a medal at the Women’s Doubles competition on Friday, as the squad of Cherie Tan, New Hui Fen and Jazreel Tan took home the Silver medal in the trios event on Sunday.

The sluggish performance that plagued the bowlers on Friday seemed to be carried over onto Saturday when they ended Block 1 of the Women’s Trios event in sixth place. However, they made a remarkable comeback on Sunday morning during Block 2, scoring a combined total of 3753 pinfalls to finish second. South Korea took Gold and Bronze. The other team of Singaporean bowlers, which includes Daphne Tan, Joey Yeo and Shayna Ng, finished seventh out of 27 teams with a total pinfall of 3639.

“We did well today. We all did our part,” said New, who did not have the best of days at the bowling lanes. Her average score of 196.50 was the lowest in her team, and it was largely due to inconsistent performances.

She added: “I felt that I was making good shots but they just weren’t landing in the right area. Thankfully I had Jazreel and Cherie to cover me with their striking, so I just had to pick up the spares.”

jazreel tan

Team Singapore's Jazreel Tan in action during the Women's Trios 1st block (Photo by Vivek Prakash / Sport Singapore)


The Singapore contingent’s chef-de-mission Jessie Phua chaired a behind-closed-doors emergency meeting on Friday after a less than ideal performance that saw the bowlers miss out on a medal. Whatever she said then seemed to have worked wonders.

“Jessie was a little harsh on us but it was just to help us do better. It really gave us that extra determination to do better,” said Tan.

She added: “As you can see, the energy was a lot better in the trios event. We communicated a lot better and even when things weren’t going quite right we were there to encourage each other.”

Phua revealed why she had a talk with the bowlers that night, and was hopeful that Sunday’s Silver medal would mark the start of a medal haul.

She said: “When I blasted them that night, it wasn’t because they didn’t win a medal - it was because I couldn’t recognise the team that was in front of me. Winning is not within their control, but doing the best they can is. I’m glad they responded well and I got my team back. I really hope that this Silver will be the turn of tide that we need. Hopefully we will have more good news coming out from the bowlers.”

shayna ng

Team Singapore's Shayna Ng in action during the Women's Trios 2nd block (Photo by Vivek Prakash / Sport Singapore)


Phua also hint that she was slightly disappointed the team only managed a Silver medal on Sunday, saying: “The truth is, we’re the ones who should’ve been up there. The Koreans are formidable opponents - we know very well it’s not a walk in the park. I’m glad the girls stepped up. The important thing is that we maintain our standing because we’re up against a world class field here.”

In the Men’s Trios competition, Team Singapore’s trio of Keith Saw, Ng Chiew Pang and Lim Chia Loong finished an impressive fourth with a total pinfall of 3701. The second team, comprising Joel Tan, Javier Tan and Muhammad Jaris Goh scored 3282 pinfalls and finished 24th out of 35 competitors.

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