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Incheon Daily: Go Slow, Win Big

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Team Singapore's Jazreel Tan in action during the Women's Singles final (Photo by Vivek Prakash / Sport Singapore)


Team Singapore claimed its second Silver medal in dramatic fashion at the Asian Games on Wednesday when kegler Jazreel Tan stormed into second place in the Women's Singles competition after a remarkable final game.

Going into the sixth and final game at the Anyang Hogye Gymnasium, the tension in the arena was palpable, but the 25-year-old Tan held her nerves and responded superbly with an outstanding 256 pinfalls to leapfrog from 13th place into the Silver medal position.

“I knew I needed a very big game and judging by Games Three to Five, I wasn’t having a lot of carry – I didn’t think that big game would come,” said Tan.

“The coaches discussed a lot of things with me and we made some adjustment to the moves and that helped me a lot,” she added.

Tan said Team Singapore coach Remy Ong, a former world champion and winner of three Gold medals at the Asian Games in Busan in 2002, had told her to keep an eye on her tempo.

“My main problem is that I tend to go faster and faster as the game goes by and he just told me to keep my tempo. We have been training a lot on this aspect in Singapore and I have been getting a little better. But it is always going to be different between training and competition with all the pressure and stress. But Remy constantly reminds me and I was able to execute all the shots according to what he wanted. I think performance-wise it was a really good day,” she said.

The delight of the Singapore team was slightly dampened by the fact that Tan’s magnificent effort displaced teammate New Hui Fen from a medal position – agonisingly she finished just one pinfall away from Bronze.


Team Singapore's Jazreel Tan celebrates after winning the silver medal in the Women's Singles final (Photo by Vivek Prakash / Sport Singapore)

Chinese Taipei's Chou Chia-chen claimed the gold medal with 1,291 pinfalls, while South Korea's Lee Na Young was third with 1,272 pinfalls.


Tan will play a key role in the women’s team event as they hunt for more medals in Thursday’s doubles and the other team events later in the week.

“I’m really looking forward to the team events – everyone goes home with a medal if we win in a team event and I am sure that is everybody’s goal. This medal helps take a little bit of pressure off the team. I believe in my team a lot and hopefully we can do something,” she said.

New Hui Fen can take some consolation from the fine way in which she bowled and coped with the pressure of a packed venue.

“I think I did my best because I just focused on the process,” she said. “I think that is the most important thing. It is not thinking about the scores (during the game), I can’t control other people’s scores but I can control what I do with the ball and what I want to deliver in the shot,” she said.

Daphne Tan finished ninth with 1,239 pinfalls while Cherie Tan was 17th with 1,219. Joey Yeo was 19th. Shayna Ng finished 32nd

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