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Incheon Daily: Bowlers Miss Out on Bronze

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jazreel and huifen

Team Singapore's Jazreel Tan and New Hui Fen during the bowling women doubles final (Photo by Joseph Nair / Sport Singapore)



Team Singapore’s bowlers will bounce back from the disappointment of missing out on a medal in the Women’s Doubles on Friday and remain firmly focused on their goals, insists head coach Remy Ong.

Jazreel Tan and New Hui Fen narrowly missed out on a Bronze medal, finishing only 15 pinfalls  behind the third-placed South Korean pairing of Lee Yeong-seung and Jung Dawun.

The South Korean duo of Lee Na-young and Son Yun-hee scored 2,553 points to win Gold. Malaysia's Zulkifli Shalin and Jane Sin Li grabbed Silver.

Singapore’s Cherie Tan and Shayna Ng finished sixth with a total pinfall of 2424 while Joey Yeo and Daphne Tan finished 26th with a total pinfall of 2160.

Tan and New went into the final game poised for the Bronze medal but were unfortunately unable to maintain their scoring streak and add another medal to the Silver that was won by Tan in the Women’s Individual competition on Wednesday.

Former world champion and three-times Asian Games Gold medalist Ong was clearly disappointed, but said that his team had been able to deal with some of the challenges they faced.

“There are certainly hiccups along the way but I would say that if we had not prepared as we did back home, we would not have been able to handle today’s situation,” said the head coach.



Team Singapore's New Hui Fen during the bowling women doubles final (Photo by Joseph Nair / Sport Singapore)



“I think the setback was that all the pairings started quite badly initially. We fought our way back and got into contention again but somehow we didn’t finish well. So there are definitely parts that are good, and definitely parts that are not so good,” he added.

Ong said the experience of having to adjust to unexpected lane conditions would benefit his team in the upcoming trios competition.

“We failed today, outcome wise. But process-wise, leading on to the trios, we learnt something today - how to play the lanes better. It was totally different compared to the official practice and we had to readjust, change the surface of our bowling balls to try to match the line.

“No matter how I prepared them back home, they had never played the line like they have had to  today. It is not easy for the athlete to change that quickly because they have been grooved to doing what they are supposed to do for the last two months,” he added.

Ong, though, was positive about the team’s chances in the trios and team events.

“Moving forward, we are just going to get stronger and stronger. When we put more and more of our girls together, the team just becomes stronger – when there are just one or two out there, it can be about who clicks, but when you put higher caliber bowlers together, somehow or another the results will be better.”

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