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Getting wet and wild in Sentosa

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Wet n' Wild Run

Sentosa was the venue for a new "game show" inspired run called Wet N' Wild. (Photo by VoxSports)

Singaporeans love unique races, from the Color Run to Race The Dead and Illumi Run. Now, a "game show" inspired run, called Wet N' Wild, has arrived on our sunny island.

Organised by Zalora, there were 12 obstacles such as Monster Ball, where five-footer balls swung around in an attempt to wipe out participants from suspended lanes which they are running across; Jumpballs where participants can have a go at bouncing across giant balls; and Wacky Wobble, a test for aspiring ninjas.

Wet n' Wild Run
Getting wet was part and parcel of participating in this unique race. (Photo by VoxSports)

As the main theme was to have fun, participants were encouraged to dress as wild as they possibly could, put on a wig, or even be their favourite super hero while attempting the obstacles.

Being dressed in costumes and attempting the obstacles in them can be a hilarious sight to behold, as it was in the case of Grim Reaper and his team of pirates when they attempted to conquer the Jumpballs, only to fail spectacularly.

Wet n' Wild Run
Some participants came in costumes, like the Grim Reaper (above). (Photo by VoxSports)

“I prefer to remain anonymous but I’m the Grim Reaper and I like water. This is contrary to popular belief that I like fire and hail stones,” the 'Reaper' explained.

“Because this a water game, so we are here to conquer the water and raid the storm. Our team name is The Storm Raiders,” added his teammate, Pirate Ling.

Moving on to the Monster Ball, many participants tried to figure out a way not to get smashed by the five-footer balls and land in the water while getting from one point to another. 

Wet n' Wild Run
Balance was key to crossing the obstacles. (Photo by VoxSports)

It was starting to look like an obstacle where most participants had trouble conquering, until 15-year-old Patricia managed to stay on her feet and got across successfully, despite getting hit by the ball.

“Balance. That, and getting across as quick as possible while not thinking about anything else,” she explained excitedly, when we asked about her strategy.

The draw of Wet N’ Wild was the The Ultimate Slider, which was the world’s largest inflatable slide at 175 feet. Not surprisingly, it was the most exciting obstacle of the whole race. 

Wet n' Wild Run
The Ultimate Slider. (Photo by VoxSports)

For Anis and his friends, it was a tough pick between Monster Ball and The Ultimate Slider as to which was the most difficult obstacle, but the slide won handsup.

“The Monster Ball was challenging, but the slide was the best and most awesome because it was very high. Not for the faint hearted!’ Anis said.

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