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Slingers go down to Indonesia's Warriors in surprise loss

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ASEAN Basketball League – Singapore Slingers VS Indonesia Warriors

A flurry of action at the hoop as No. 33, Dior Lowhorn (centre, in white) attempts to score. (Photo by Lee Jian Wei)

The last time the Indonesia Warriors visited the OCBC Arena, they were trounced by the Singapore Slingers 80-59. That was barely two weeks ago, when the likes of local lads Wong Wei Long led the team with 18 points while Ng Han Bin came off the bench to pot 12.

If anything, it felt like another easy win was on the horizon for the Slingers when the Warriors came once again to the Arena to take them on.

Unfortunately, that was not the case this time; the Slingers slumped to a 54-65 loss last Friday, August 22.

Han Bin began the match with a clinical three-point score. However, that proved to be the only highlight of his night, as he repeatedly missed from beyond the arc thereafter.

The usually reliable shooter was hoping to bounce back from the previous game, whem he had only one conversion from 10 attempts against Westports Malaysia Dragons.

ASEAN Basketball League – Singapore Slingers VS Indonesia Warriors

Han Bin (centre, in white) with the ball.  (Photo by Lee Jian Wei)

“Everybody needs to contribute to win and I felt I did not do that today. My season has been okay so far, but I can do better, especially after the last two games, offense-wise,” said Han Bin.

“I will put in the necessary hours on the court; work harder and hopefully I will come through.”

While Slingers coach Neo Beng Siang was disappointed at the way his side allowed the opponents to score freely, he remained optimistic that things would improve.

“(I was) disappointed with the performance, especially the defensive end. It’s not the end of the world, but we need to tidy up on that,” he said.

However, coach Neo was able to reflect on the season so far and was satisfied with his local players’ performance so far, even though both Han Bin and Wong Wei Long had endured difficult games.

The coach also singled out Larry Liew – who did not play this game as he was injured – as one of the better performers this season, along with Russel Low.

ASEAN Basketball League – Singapore Slingers VS Indonesia Warriors

Russel Low, in the midst of scoring for his team. (Photo by Lee Jian Wei)

Russel, who towers at 1.97m, was a thrill to watch in the loss to the Warriors. He scored 10 points, but he really got the crowd on its feet for three huge blocks.

Playing as though he has many years of experience under his belt, it was hard to believe that it is only Russel’s first season.

However, the centre was not about to rest on his laurels, and believed that there was room for improvement.

“I think I played okay today, just played hard and focused on the game, but the result wasn’t what we wanted. My performance doesn’t matter if we do not get the result,” said Russel simply.

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