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Red All Star Weekend by Red Sports

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Red All Star Weekend

Red Sports successfully organised its first Red All-Star Weekend (RASW) at *SCAPE as part of *SCAPE’s SG50 National Day celebrations. (Photo by VoxSports)

It started from one man who envisioned a platform to act as a news outlet for tertiary sports in Singapore and spread it to others who have strong reminiscence of their time in school.

That man is Leslie Tan, whose idea first came alive more than a decade ago, and gave birth to Red Sports, a local social media and web news platform whose mission is to bring to light the passionate world of youth sports. Since then, they have steadily carved a name for themselves and basked in their new found love amongst the tertiary athletes.

Fast forward to 2014, Red Sports successfully organised its first Red All-Star Weekend (RASW) on 8 and 9 August 2014 at *SCAPE. RASW, part of *SCAPE’s SG50 National Day celebrations, brought together sports-loving Singapore youth to honour the role of sports in nurturing individual, community and national identity.

“I created RedSports as I feel that our school athletes deserved as much coverage as possible and that is why RedSports exist. Back in early 2000, I found out there was none, but it took me until 2007 to start Red Sports,” explained Tan.

“School is where lot of us spent our time in and the sense of identity is strong. You will get packed crowd for finals and the atmosphere is fun. Even 20 or 30 years after you left school, all of us have very strong memories of our time in school.”

RASW participants were nominated and voted for by readers in a Red Sports polls for the best school athletes in basketball, floorball, and football. The polls, conducted for nine sports, have drawn votes from over 12,000 readers since January 2014.

Red All Star Weekend
Floorball action in full swing during the Red All Star Weekend. (Photo by VoxSports)

Aside from basketball, floorball, and football tournaments, the crowd was also treated to a fun-filled day of entertainment by music bands such as 53A and Emerald Street, parkour academy and agency Superfly Monkey Dragons performing the art of free running and conducting workshops on the ground.

“The event is a good way for us to bond, put aside our differences and have fun together on a special occasion. It’s a good way for us athletes to celebrate the nation’s birthday together,” said 18-year-old Muhammad Shafiq Bin Jalavddin footballer from Anglo-Chinese Junior College.

One of the draws of RASW was the appearance of national team athletes from 2013 Malaysian Super League champions LionsXII, and basketballers, some of whom are from locally-based professional basketball team, Singapore Slingers.

Red All Star Weekend

LionsXII footballer Faris Ramli (Photo by VoxSports)

“It is a great event and everyone is enjoying, especially me and my teammates. I m happy to see them enjoying what they love and achieve what they want in their career,” said national footballer Faris Ramli.

“It is a wonderful for Red Sports to have this. I see lots of young ones inspired by us. They are happy and enjoying football,” added Faris’ LionsXII teammate, Khairul Nizam. 

Red All Star Weekend
Footballers in action during the Red All Star Weekend. (Photo by VoxSports)

Seeing how Red Sports has grown tremendously over the years, Tan expressed his thanks to those that have supported his team.

“When we started, people were wondering why were we doing this. But very quickly they understood. We are just here to cover and write about them. I am grateful that readers read the stuff that we wrote,” commented Tan.

“At the end of the day, if they do not want to read it, we would not exist. I am happy that we can play a role in our sports community.”

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