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Longest badminton rally record broken

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Hanwell Longest Rally - 24 August 2014

The new national record for the longest badminton rally is now 119, just one hit shy of the world record. (Photo by Caroline Quek/ Sport Singapore)

Almost 300 people came together to break the national record for the longest badminton rally on 24 August 2014.  Held at Changi City Point, a total of 119 volleys were recorded, breaking the previous national record of 96, but falling just one hit behind the world record of 120.

The new record-breakers consisted of national players, school team players, as well as badminton enthusiasts.  Olympic quarter-finalist Ronald Susilo, former national shuttler Terry Yeo, and Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC, Mr Ang Hin Kee, were also there to aid the badminton players.

Hanwell Longest Rally - 24 August 2014

Olympic quarter-finalist Ronald Susilo (above) also gave out tips and pointers to the participants. (Photo by Caroline Quek/ Sport Singapore)

Besides breaking the national record, the rally also served as a charity event as the event’s title sponsor, Hanwell Holdings, generously donated 9520kg of Royal Umbrella Rice to the low-income residents of Cheng-San Seletar Division. 

It was a tough start, as the shuttlers initially had difficulty finding their pace in order for the shuttlecock to not touch the floor.  A single player was not allowed to hit the shuttlecock twice in a row; if that happened then the attempt had to be started over.  The main piece of advice that was heard throughout the event was to aim high and hit hard. 

Hanwell Longest Rally - 24 August 2014

It took the shuttlers more than 50 attempts before they finally broke the national record. (Photo by Caroline Quek/ Sport Singapore)

The record was almost broken at around 2.15pm, when the shuttlers had attempted 89 hits.  Shouts of despair were heard as everyone quickly scrambled back into the queue to start again, confident now that victory was possible.

When the players surpassed the previous attempt of 96 with the new record of 119 hits, loud cheers erupted from the players, as well as from members of the public.  It had taken them 60 attempts, but they have achieved what they had set out to do.

Hanwell Longest Rally - 24 August 2014

The noise at the Atrium was deafening once the shuttlers realised that they had surpassed the previous record of 96 hits. (Photo by Caroline Quek/ Sport Singapore)

“(It was) very extraordinary, very nicely organised...we enjoyed,” said Mr Arbunan Anbalauin, who works in the IT department of OCBC Bank. 

“Everything was good, the food, the arrangement, even the deejay.”

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