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Glee star showers her love on SportCares girls

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Erinn Westbrook teaches SportCares girls a dance routine at the sidelines of the Love Singapore Tennis Clinic.
Glee star Erin Westbrook leads SportCares girls in a dance routine. (Photos by SportCares).

SINGAPORE: Glee actress Erinn Westbrook and local tennis star Sarah Pang made the weekend so much sweeter for 25 girls under the SportCares programme.

The girls were attending the Love Singapore tennis clinic at the Winchester Tennis Arena. After the girls were done with tennis basics, Erinn stepped up to perform for the girls before teaching them a dance routine.

Unlike her mean-spirited character on Season 5 of Glee, Erinn melted hearts as she posed for endless photo and autograph requests. She also inspired the girls by sharing the difficulties she had overcome in life and the importance of staying strong and healthy.

Here're the highlights from the Love Singapore Tennis Clinic:

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