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Glasgow Daily: Team Singapore Male Shuttlers Bash Into Semifinals

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Badminton Mixed Team

The Team Singapore badminton contingent with President Tony Tan Keng Yam (front row, fourth from left). (Photo by Commonwealth Games Singapore)


Women’s Doubles

Yao Lei & Sari Shinta Mulia (Singapore) vs. Lim Loo Yin & Lai Pei Jing (Malaysia)

21-19, 20-22, 19-21

The ladies put up a crazy fight to get into the semi-finals, but women’s doubles, Shinta & Yaolei were unable to beat their Malaysian counterparts. The Singapore duo fought three hard matches and lost. So near, yet so far indeed. The Singapore Open Women Doubles Champions will not be recapturing glory for Singapore on the Commonwealth stage. Regardless of medal count, the prolific pair rolled in the points and kept the badminton giants across the boarder on their feet. Good job girls! We are so proud of you.


Yaolei Shinta copy

L to R: Yao Lei and Shinta (Photo by


Mixed Doubles

Danny Bawa Chrisnanta & Vanessa Neo Yu Yan (Singapore) vs. Chan Peng Soon & Lai Pei Jing (Malaysia)

8-21, 21-17, 19-21

Exiting the badminton race for Gold are Vanessa and Danny in the mixed doubles category. It is undeniable that Danny & Vanessa fought tooth and nail for every single point. Off from a shaky start, our champions lost the first match with quite a huge margin, but regrouped and got their Malaysian counterparts shaken up in the second set. The last match went to Malaysia with a close score of 19-21.

Van & Dan

L to R: Vanessa and Danny (Photo by


Men’s Doubles

Danny Bawa Chrisnanta & Chayut Triyachart (Singapore) vs. Robert Blair & Paul Van Rietvelde (Scotland)

21-8, 21-16

Fresh off the court, Danny failed to capture success in his mixed doubles match but clearly the man did not let this bump in the road deter him. Refocusing his energy and his wits, he funneled any emotion he had from his previous defeat into deafening strength and control. Danny & Chayut seized the first match beating their Scottish opponents in just 9 minutes. The Singaporean men’s doubles pair sealed their place in the semi-finals in 25 minutes in Round 2. Well done guys!


Dan & Chayut

L to R: Chayut and Danny (Photo by


Men’s Singles

Derek Wong (Singapore) vs. Srikanth Kidambi (India)

21-10, 12-21, 21-12

Without a doubt, all our Team Singapore athletes are smashing their heart out to bring sporting glory home to Singapore. Sometimes, standing in the middle of a massive arena filled with thousands of people watching your every move, can be immensely stressful. But Derek Wong knows that even if he has no partner on court to cover the gap, he never smashes alone. Singapore’s No.1 male shuttler is through to the semi-finals of the Commonwealth Games. Singapore has not garnered Gold since the Women’s Singles in the 2002 edition of the Commonwealth Games.

Derek Wong

 (Photo by


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