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Team Singapore tops Gymnastics Open Championships

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11th Singapore Gymnastics Open Championships Rhythmic Gymnastics

Team Singapore gymnast Wang Wenwen in action at the 11th Singapore Gymnastics Open Championships (Rhythmic). (Photo by VoxSports)

It was the perfect preparation for the upcoming Commonwealth Games as Team Singapore athletes pitted their wits against international competitors in the 11th Singapore Gymnastics Open Championships (Rhythmic) at Bishan Sports Hall on July 5 and 6.

Team Singapore’s athletes, buoyed on by the home support, showcased their talents and discipline in the various cycle and swept the winner’s medal in the FIG Senior Team category.

Daphne Chia, Phaan Yi Lin and Tong Kah Mun came out top with a score of 125.866. Hong Kong came in second place with a score of 108.148 while the Indonesians ended the championships in third spot with a score of 98.494. 

11th Singapore Gymnastics Open Championships Rhythmic Gymnastics
Team Singapore gymnast Phaan Yi Lin. (Photo by VoxSports)

The meet also saw juniors from around the region representing their country and clubs converging for the two day championship in Singapore. With participation numbers going up in recent years, it definitely bodes well with Gymnast Singapore’s 1st Vice-President, Mr Lee Hong Chuang, who hoped for the sport to gain more followers in Singapore and the region.

“This is the 11th edition and over the years we have seen an increase in participation and more countries have come to Singapore. They value our competition and our local gymnasts also benefit from competing against overseas competitors,” said Mr Lee. 

Nila together with Mr Lee Hong Chuang, First VP of Gymnastics SG, Minister Wong and Mdm Goh

Nila, together with (from left) Mr Lee Hong Chuang, First Vice President of Gymnastics SG, Minister Lawrence Wong and Mdm Goh Hwee Cheng, President of Gymnastics SG. (Photo by VoxSports)

“For this rhythmic gymnastic cycle, we have the hoop, ball, club and ribbon. There are four apparatus that they need to compete. The way we organised this competition, we break it into two categories. 

11th Singapore Gymnastics Open Championships Rhythmic Gymnastics

Team Singapore athlete Dawne Chua competing in the hoop category. (Photo by VoxSports)

“One, we allowed country to compete between a country and at the same time we are aware that there are clubs, even in Singapore, that wanted to participate in such a level. So we break into these two categories to allow more gymnasts to compete,” explained Mr Lee.

Coming in second for the Individual Club (14.150) and third in Individual Ribbon (12.150) and Individual Ball (11.600), Daphne Chia felt that she is capable of a better showing but nevertheless echoed her readiness for the Commonwealth Games.

“I could have done better in certain areas and there are definitely things that I can improve on,” commented Daphne who represented Singapore in the World Championships (Rhythmic) in Ukraine a year ago.

“During the June holiday, we trained for about seven hours for four days per week. It helped us a lot so that we can perform better in the Commonwealth Games. We are looking for a good showing and we encourage one another in the team,” added Daphne.

In the Junior category, gymnasts from Korea Gymnastic Association gave the locals a good fight as Baek Sujin clinched top spot in all four cycle.

Singapore’s Palada Tang Hwai Min (12.100) and Prem Megan Arty (10.766) took second and third placing respectively in the Junior Individual Hoop. Prem (12.383) came out second best in the Junior Individual Ball while Michele Lau (10.833) was in third spot.

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