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Tom Tom multi sport GPS watch

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tom tom gps watch

by Sportsanity

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The Tom Tom Multi-Sport GPS Watch is a recent addition to the range of multisport/ triathlon watches available. It has a large display, slim design, built in GPS, swim sensor and accelerometer (so no foot pod required). The watch has multiplatform compatibility, it is Bluetooth smart and is priced at SGD 349.

The first thing that struck me was the low profile of the watch. The screen size is about the same as many other types, but it is considerably lower in profile than any other I have seen. 

It was a nice size to fit on my wrist, small enough even to wear as a 'normal' watch and certainly a much better size than other multisport watches I have used. It measures about 1cm – the Garmin 910XT is 50% thicker at 1.5cm (that’s without adding on the quick release triathlon mount) and the 310XT is even thicker.

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