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Singapore puts up good showing at World University Floorball Championships

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sweden women floorball team 2

Sweden swept both the men's and women's titles at the recently concluded World University Floorball Championship. (Photo by VoxSports)

The sixth edition of the World University Floorball Championship ended on 22 June, with Sweden emerging as overall champions in both the men’s and women’s categories.

Singapore had the prestigious honour of being the first non-European country to host the tournament, as the largely-successful event saw thousands making their way to the OCBC Arena to catch the sporting event live.

Singapore too were involved in the tournament, as our guys and girls stood strong in front of a home-crowd, and nearly overcame the odds to present some credible results.

The ladies acquitted themselves well by finishing the top of their group with wins over Japan and Malaysia, but had to settle for a place in fourth after they lost to Sweden in the semi-finals and Switzerland in the third/fourth placing match. 

team singapore floorball women

The Singapore women's floorball team (above, in red) did well by finishing the top of their group with wins over Japan and Malaysia. (Photo by VoxSports)

For the women’s captain Heng Hui-Shan, the exposure against the top teams was gratifying for her.

“I think my team gave it their all, but too bad I think we lost maybe in terms of physique,” Heng said.

“Overall I am very proud of my team, we did the best we could. Getting a medal was a bonus, but getting fourth is not bad, at least we got the opportunity to play two European teams, with one of them being the best in the world.”

“I think this has showed that Singapore has the potential with the social support; family, friends, and if the players can train more, they can make it to the world stage,” Singapore’s women’s coach Jaime Cheong added.

The men were close to making it to the quarter-finals, but narrowly lost out after a 4-6 loss to Russia. 

team singapore floorball men

Team Singapore floorball players in action against Malaysia. (Photo by VoxSports)

Singapore’s men’s captain Glendon Phua expressed disappointment at failing to progress and said:“Initially, we hoped to top our Division B. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to do so. We have to admit that our match against the Russians is the toughest one.”

However the men eventually rallied to take seventh spot after comfortably beating Korea 8-1.

“We played against Korea and we won rather comfortably. The Koreans approached the game today the exact way they did for the last period in their last game. We were ready for it but we were not at our best. However, we got our game back together in the last 2 periods,” Phua added.

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