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ActiveSG Sports Festival at Jalan Besar draws in the masses

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Football at Jalan Besar ActiveSG Sports Festival

The 5-a-side football tournament at the Jalan Besar Sports Festival was a huge draw. (Photo by VoxSports) 

The last ActiveSG Sports Festival was held at Jalan Besar on Saturday morning, as the public swarmed the swimming complex and football pitch to partake in the events available.

The most popular event of the day was easily the 5-a-side football tournament, as teams enjoyed a day of camaraderie to outplay their opponents on the artificial pitch at Jalan Besar Stadium. 

While winning has its perks, most agreed losing was not an issue so as long as they enjoyed the experience.

“It’s good exposure to develop football in Singapore, and we are still enjoying the game because we meet a lot of people and see some familiar faces and it has been a good workout for everyone,” said Saravanan S/O Doraissamy.

“I think it’s good to see that they are promoting sports for the younger kids and it is good that sports is encouraged for Singaporeans because its helps make your lives healthy,” added Samuel Seah, a marketing executive who joined the tournament with his friends.

Over at the swimming complex, other events were ongoing too. After a successful outing, the Mass Swim event (below) at Hougang swimming complex made a return to the Sports Festival.

jalan besar sports festival

The mass swim event. (Photo by VoxSports)

Relishing the challenge of forming a team and swimming the most number of laps within a 30-minute time span, participants displayed determination and grit to emerge triumphant and were rewarded with a medal to show for their efforts.

In addition to the Mass Swim, a Flippaball (a modified version of water polo for children) tournament was also held concurrently.Most of the players were adolescent and they seemed to be having a ball of a time as shrieks of delight pierced the air from time to time.

jalan besar sports festival

“It’s the first time we are here, and we are having a lot of fun, the spirit is good, the organising is good and kids are all having fun,” said Mark Yeo, whose son was participating in Flippaball.

Although the ActiveSG $100 credit scheme has been ongoing for some time, it remains a popular attraction too as visitors continued to flock the registration booth to find out more and register for the scheme.

“Actually I didn’t know about it, I brought my daughter for swimming and saw the banner,” said Michael Raj, 38, a military regular. “Families can use it to have some fun, and probably I can use it for some classes too.”

This is the last of the ActiveSG Sports Festivals, but the public can look forward to similar events in the future as the initiative looks set to gain traction and introduce more exciting and entertaining activities.

New users can still register for their ActiveSG $100 scheme here.

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