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Singapore Youth Olympic Festival opening at ActiveSG Sports Festival

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woodlands sports festival

A martial arts display, including Taekwondo (above), was one of the highlights at the ActiveSG Sports Festival held at the Woodlands Sports and Recreation Centre. (Photo by VoxSports)

The crowd streamed into Woodlands Sports and Recreation Centre on the morning of 31 May, in anticipation of the vibrant showcases and activities that the ActiveSG Sports Festival had to offer.

The theme this round was Sports, Youth and Culture – in conjunction with the Singapore Youth Olympic Festival (SYOF) 2014, organised by the Singapore Olympic Foundation (SOF). Into its third year, the SYOF is a platform for youths to showcase their sporting talents, as well as a commemoration of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games.

Indeed, the festival brought out the best in our young local talents, kicking off with an intriguing martial arts display together with the SYOF opening ceremony.

The Guest-of-Honours (below) were the first to take centre stage, paddling on stationary bicycles that culminated in streaks of light and a grand explosion of confetti to mark the beginning of the SYOF ceremony. 

woodlands sports festival

(From left to right) Ms Liew Wei Li, Director, Student Development Curriculum Division, Ministry of Education; Mrs Jessie Phua, Director, Singapore Olympic Foundation; Mr Ng Ser Miang, Chairman of Singapore Olympic Foundation; Mr Jimmy Seth, Director, Yonex Sunrise; and Mr Lim Teck Yin, Chief Executive Officer (Sport Singapore), pedalling to light up the video to launch the Singapore Youth Olympic Festival 2014 at the opening ceremony. (Photo by Kenneth Lu)

Team Spore Judokas

Following that was a display by a group of Judokas, two of which included Team Singapore’s Gary Chow and Tania Forichon (above). Other Martial arts groups also had their fair share of the limelight, with the likes of Silat (below) and Taekwando. 

woodlands sports festival

Silat demonstration. (Photo by VoxSports)

Singapore Taekwondo Federation’s Chelsea and Rui Jie left the crowd speechless as they performed a sharp and perfectly synchronised routine together. 

woodlands sports festival

(Photo by VoxSports)

“I felt very happy and honoured participating and representing the Taekwondo Federation…Everybody’s a family so when we do it together we have team spirit,” Chelsea remarked.

Echoing her sentiments, Rui Jie added: “More awareness of Judo, Taekwondo – it’s not about fighting and there are still displays like kicking, dancing and all the flips… For a healthy lifestyle, people should just train, for recreation.”

Meanwhile, the festival also included a cultural element – both the young and old partook in dumpling tasting, as well as tea appreciation.

Of course, there was also a generous line-up of activities at the Stadium throughout the day for the adventurous. Families participated in the Sports for All: Walk and Jog, Treasure Hunt and Fun Swim at the swimming pool.

Participant Rajamurithi, who brought his young nephew along with him to play football, explained how much of a joy it was to watch young people engage in such activities.

He said, “Anything to do with the community, we are very happy. With so much young children involved. Rather than sitting at home on a Saturday morning, they come and enjoy the sun and build teamwork and understanding among one another.”

He also gave special mention to Hussain Razak from Admiralty CSC, who collaborated with Sports Singapore to provide opportunities for children to participate in football, regardless of experience and build.

Activities such as Football, Netball and Ultimate Frisbee (below) were also a few of the many exciting sports available to the young and young at heart, providing opportunities for them to hone their sporting prowess. 

woodlands sports festival

Activities such as Football, Netball and Ultimate Frisbee (above) were some of the many exciting sports available at the Sports Festival. (Photo by VoxSports)

“The thing that I enjoyed was seeing the kids run around, carefree, without any instruction from any coaches, trying to play the game right, just enjoying and kicking around. I think that’s the best way to learn any sports,” commented Rajamurithi.

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