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Mission Mannas come from behind to win Cheers Netball Super League

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Cheers Netball Super League 2014 grand finals

Mission Mannas (in blue and red kit) are the champions of the Cheers Netball Super League 2014. (Photo by VoxSports)

After eleven rounds and two months, the Cheers Netball Super League 2014 concluded on 24 May with a stunning victory by Mission Mannas over Blaze Dolphins in the grand finals.

The Mannas began on shaky footing, trailing the Blaze Dolphins 31-21 at halftime. However, they remained unfazed as they stepped up in the second half, not only narrowing the scoreline but overtaking their opponents to emerge victorious in a 53-47 win.

A proud Mannas coach Yeo Mee Hong commented: “They were good, they gave it all. Overall I think the girls did really well, they finally won the finals and I’m very happy for them.

“The changes from Lily as a keeper to goalshooter, I thought that really did well for us. And overall I thought that the team fighting spirit was awesome! And I want to thank the opponent because they gave us a hard time, and we had to keep thinking about what to do.” 

Cheers Netball Super League 2014 grand finals

It was a tough fight between the two teams in the grand finals, with every ball being challenged ferociously. (Photo by Sport Singapore/ Daniel Quek)

Yeo had previously made several shifts in the team’s positions, moving goalshooter Premila Hirubalan to goalkeeper and wing defence Nurul Baizura to goal defence.

“We met this team four times through the round. We drew with them the first time, then we lost to them by five goals and then we met them in the finals,” Yeo said.

“I thought, we could not stay the same line-up all the time because they knew our lines very well, they knew our strengths and weaknesses and [similarly] we knew theirs as well,” Yeo continued.

“If we put the same line-up, we’re going to get the same results.”

Good control and discipline was also key to the success of the Mannas, as shared by coach Yeo. 

Cheers Netball Super League 2014

The champions of the Cheers Netball Super League 2014 - Mission Mannas, posing with their hard-earned trophy. (Photo by Sport Singapore/ Zamri Hassan)

She said: “I would say that the teams did very well with all the unexpected changes... They worked hard, they fought hard, they knew that they were ten down and they had to turn it over, and also take advantage of our shots and take every single opportunity that comes to them.

“I credit them for this discipline, the controlled the game… At the third quarter we were able to narrow the score and that allowed us more opportunity in the last quarter.

“Our strategies are very simple. We just made sure that everyone sticks to their game plan… The most important of all is control… In terms of strength, we match each other.”

Micky Lin, captain of the Blaze Dolphins credited the Mannas as worthy opponents, admitting that the Dolphins could have shown better performance.

“I think today we fell a bit short towards the second half of the game… Mannas on the other hand played really well towards the end and I think we built momentum for them,” Lin said.

SportCares also made it possible for 20 girls from Jamiyah Children's Home to catch firstly, the National Inter-School Netball Championships “A” Finals, followed by the Cheers Netball Super League Finals live!

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