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ActiveSG Open House: Qigong, Taiji and lawn volleyball take centrestage

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yio chu kang open house

Close to 300 people took part in the Mass Qigong and Taiji held at the ActiveSG Open House at Yio Chu Kang Sports Centre. (Photo by VoxSports)

Crowds of families flooded the vicinity of Yio Chu Kang Sports Centre on this particular Saturday morning as they checked out what was in store at the ActiveSG open house.

At the heart of the excited buzz was the rollout of ActiveSG, with several new activities being introduced this time round – Mass Qigong and Taiji as well as “from lawn to beach” volleyball.

The Mass Qigong and Taiji was the first activity which kick started the day of fun-filled events. Held at Yio Chu Kang stadium, the activity saw a turnout of close to 300 people, and incorporated exercises from both Qigong and Taiji, with the use of various apparatus to enhance the experience.

Despite the scorching morning heat, the undeterred participants had a good and hearty workout.

“Of course (the workout was meaningful), exercise is good for everyone,” commented participant Alice Goh.

Moreover, Nila the SEA Games 2015 mascot made a special appearance and joined in the morning exercises with the crowd.

Another gem that drew the attention of many was the Lawn Volleyball (below) fun challenge, showcasing “from lawn to beach” volleyball. Conducted in partnership with Volleyball Association Singapore, this challenge offered participants the experience of playing lawn volleyball in a sports complex – the first of its kind in Singapore. There are plans to eventually convert these lawn courts to beach volleyball courts. 

yio chu kang open house
Participants in the first ever lawn volleyball to be held in a sports centre in Singapore. (Photo by VoxSports) 

Shermin Low, Events Executive of the Volleyball Association of Singapore shared about the considerations of investing in beach volleyball courts, which will be set up in Yio Chu Kang sports complex by the end of 2014.

She said: “Heartland sand courts in Singapore are very limited... The sand itself is very tough work. We will have to import the sand, and there’s also a lot of space needed.

“The sand has to be of a specific diameter… If it is for official competition, it will have to be sent to the international federation for analysis. It is a lot of work… We will have to think about the maintenance.

“Generally we will have to ensure that the sand itself is not exposed to the weather when there is no play… Covering the sand, ensuring that players wash their legs before going out…”

Lawn Volleyball definitely drew in quite a crowd, with seven official teams competing throughout the day and a constant influx of participants on the leisure end.

In addition to the heart-pumping action, Sport Singapore featured a floorball outreach programme, where 100 intellectually disabled children were given the opportunity to be guided along in gameplay.  

Team Singapore athletes did not hesitate to join in the festivities of the day. Among those present were National floorball captain Brandon Cheong, as well as our national rugby players who endorsed the tag rugby booth. 

yio chu kang open house

National floorball captain Brandon Cheong (second row, fourth from left) was involved in a floorball outreach programme, where 100 intellectually disabled children were given the opportunity to be guided along in gameplay. (Photo by VoxSports)  

Rigour and competition aside, participants also enjoyed a slew of leisure activities such as Children Football and trampoline play. A water carnival for the whole family was also available, which included a spread of floats and rafts to play around with. 

For 18-year old Jerry Yee (below) from Anglo-Chinese Junior College, the open house was extra special as he received his prize, an autographed tennis racquet by Eugenie Bouchard, from Chief Toh Boon Yi, Strategic Development & Marketing Group, Sport Singapore. He had submitted the most creative entry as his well wishes for Eugenie Bouchard in the form of a poem. 

yck open house

A beaming Jerry Yee (left) receiving his prize from Chief Toh Boon Yi, Strategic Development & Marketing Group, Sport Singapore. 

Edmund Ang, a father of two, thoroughly enjoyed the activities planned through the day, especially the water games which allowed his family to bond.

He said: “I enjoyed the games with my kids… I get to swim together with my kids amidst all the days’ work. This is a right and good time for us to be together.

“I’m looking forward to more fun, more food, more slides for my kids!”

The public can look forward to enjoying these activities on a regular basis in the future.

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