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Four funky fitness gadgets you may not have heard of

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So you think you know all about the latest fitness gadgets and gizmos on the market? Well, we’ve come up with four funky gadgets that will help you train smarter, but some of which you may not have heard about.

Check them out below.

Fitbit Aria

Fitbit Aria

The Fitbit Aria is a Wi-Fi enabled smart scale that goes a lot further than just tracking your weight. The device also tracks body fat percentage and BMI, and recognises up to eight individual users. Data is uploaded automatically via wireless Wi-Fi network, and can be viewed as an online graph or through the use of a free mobile app. This offers the ability to track your fitness progress over the long-term to help you stay motivated and on track. The Fitbit Aria is currently retailing at major retailers such as Challenger, Courts and Harvey Norman at S$169.00.

Sensoria Fitness Sock 

Sensoria Fitness socks

The Sensoria Fitness Sock as its name suggests is a pair of high-tech socks designed for runners and infused with proprietary “textile sensors”. The socks are paired with an electronic anklet that magnetically snaps on the cuff of one of the sock to monitor basic statistics such as counting, speed, calories, altitude and distance tracking. On top of this, advanced data such as cadence, foot landing technique and weight distribution on the foot are also tracked. Real-time data is relayed back to your smartphone (Works with iOS 6 or later, Android 4.3 and Windows Phone 8) via Bluetooth for real-time audio cues. The socks itself are washable, and is currently available for preorder at S$185.

Sportiiiis + Viiiiva 


Made by a company called 4iiii, the Sportiiiis + Viiiiva is really two separate devices that work together to let you know how your workout is going. The Sportiiiis is a small device that attaches to a pair of sunglasses to provide immediate performance feedback without distracting you from your activity. The feedback comes in the form of brightly-colored LED as well as voice prompts. The Viiiiva is a chest-strap monitor to track your heart-rate, and doubles up as a base station to connect various ANT+ sensors. Some initial setup is required using the company’s free software, either on a PC or Mac, or the iOS app. The Sportiiiis + Viiiiva is available as a package for $249.

Skulpt Aim 


Touted as being more accurate than using the BMI, the Skulpt Aim is a nifty gadget that measures the fat percentage and muscle quality. This promises the ability to exercise smarter with tailored workouts based on short or intermediate-term goals. To use, simply place the device directly on the part of the body you want to measure, and the Skulpt Aim sends a small current directly through the muscle and fat, generates the results and displays it – all within a fraction of a second. The data is sent to an online dashboard via Bluetooth 4.0, where they can be reviewed and tracked. The Skulpt Aim can be preordered here at about $185; add $31 for international deliveries outside of the United States.

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