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A closer look at the Adidas Brazuca Soccer Ball

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Adidas Brazuca

In case you haven’t heard, Adidas had unveiled the new Brazuca soccer ball at a launch event in December. The official match ball of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the Brazuca has been in development for three years, and is the twelfth official World Cup ball from the company.

Called by some as the most advanced ball ever to grace the World Cup, what makes this ball special? On its part, Adidas describes the ball as being designed for never-before-seen levels of power, swerve and control. Specifically, the official match ball edition is crafted from premium high-end materials used in the unique six-paneled cover, backing and bladder to ensure perfect on-field performance.

So what really makes the Brazuca stand out? The main magic appears to be due to its unique design using just six symmetrical panels that interlock together for unparalleled roundness. Made of polyurethane (PU) that provides for the best possible grip, the propeller-shaped panel shape also offers multiple defined seams for airflow for flight speed. 

Adidas Brazuca

Here are some of the praises that we have seen around the Web: 

• By nature of the materials used in the ball, the Brazuca has been described as being grippy 

Holding onto the ball is easily done when wearing a good pair of gloves 

• It’s very responsive, and the entire ball is a sweet spot since there are only six panels 

• Described as a dream for those who enjoy shooting

Finally, the ball is termed by some as the flashiest World Cup ball that Adidas has produced – it is easy to see why with just one look. For those who are curious, the colorful pattern is inspired by Bahia Bands wish bracelets, which are color for bracelets which make wishes come through, according to an old tradition from Salvador Da Bahia, Brazil. 

Adidas Brazuca

The Brazucam

Separately, Adidas has seen fit to outfit a Brazuca with 6 high-definition (HD) cameras to capture 360 degrees of action. Called the Brazucam, it is a custom made camera system that is packaged in the size, shape and skin of a regulation Brazuca ball. It looks like a Brazuca from the outside, but is packed with technology – including custom imagine stabilisation software – that allows it to capture football from a whole new angle.

The Brazucam is currently on a world tour; you can watch the official YouTube trailer of it in action here.

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