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A brand new experience at the public pool

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swimming pool revamp

(Artist's impression provided by ActiveSG)

In line with Sport Singapore’s (formerly Singapore Sports Council) efforts to create richer and more impactful experiences for all, ActiveSG will be embarking on a series of facility facelifts and makeovers to increase the fun element at several public swimming pool complexes.

One such complex to utilise the swimming pool open spaces in a creative way is the Jurong West Sports Centre (formerly Jurong West Sports & Recreation Centre). With the additional alfresco dining area set in place, visitors to the pool can look forward to a whole array of new features to be rolled out in in April.

“Under the new ActiveSG movement, the Jurong West Sports Centre is operating fun elements in the swimming pool complex,” said Jurong West Sports Centre Assistant Centre Manager Toh Zi Yang.

“These include our poolside alfresco with additional pool tables. We will also be adding new barbeque pits. We are bringing in portable ones so that visitors can enjoy them by the pool side rather than being at an exclusive corner,” explained Zi Yang.

New features

  • Additional alfresco dining area
  • New barbeque pits
  • More pool tables
  • Gym by the pool
gym by the pool
Gym by the pool (Photo by ActiveSG)

All these initiatives are part of Sport Singapore’s effort to create a sporting ecosystem that provides innovative programming through a network of sporting spaces at affordable rates to Singaporeans.

Playing a part in bringing out a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere with the addition of the new features at the pools are the lifeguards.

They have been roped in to conduct the weekly ‘Wet and Wacky’ where the pool goers use the creative pool floats for a relaxing and fun experience with their families and friends.

swimming pool revamp
(Artist's impression provided by ActiveSG)

“In the past, lifeguards were only in charge of the security and safety of the swimmers. We hardly had any chance to interact with the guests. But now, Sport Singapore has given us the chance to engage with the guests and bring fun to the environment,” shared Malcon Toh, a lifeguard at Jurong West Sports Centre.

The ‘Wet and Wacky’ programme at the swimming complex has been well received by the visitors, including the young ones and those young at heart.

“The response is great!’ added Malcon.

“Every week we will have around 30 to 40 participants for the ‘Wet and Wacky’ programme. We also have netball, telematches and some racing games for the kids. So it’s actually quite fun and not only engaging for the kids, but the parents as well,” explained the 30-year-old who has been a lifeguard at Jurong West Sports Centre for three years.

Cool activites

  • Wet and Wacky
  • Netball
  • Telematches
  • Racing games
  • Aqua basketball
  • Aqua gyms

Also lined up at Jurong West Sports Centre are aqua basketball and aqua gyms.

For those seeking to experience first hand the new initiative and features, you can do so during the ActiveSG launch on 26 April at Jurong West Sports Centre

There will be a wide array of exciting programmes for all including a water carnival at the pool, as well as studio programmes like Zumba, Bokwa and many other activities!

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