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SSC revamps itself as Sport Singapore

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Mr Lim Teck Yin

Mr Lim Teck Yin (above), Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Sports Council (SSC), announced the new look of SSC at a media conference yesterday. 

Singapore Sports Council (SSC) will be getting a facelift and be known as Sport Singapore from 1 April.

The facelift was announced by SSC Chief Executive Officer, Mr Lim Teck Yin, at a press conference held at Jalan Besar Stadium yesterday (17 March).

“We will embrace an idea that we represent a much larger community, we are not an entity just for ourselves,” Mr Lim said.

Although SSC considered changing its image in 2011, Mr Lim revealed the scheme ‘did not make sense’ then.

“We started considering it towards the end of 2011, we asked ourselves whether in work year 2012 we wanted to rebrand,” he shared.

He added: “But we think it did not make more sense until we put out more of the elements of Vision 2030 so that people can better appreciate and understand the essence of Vision 2030 because our whole rebranding is tied to a re-purposing of our organisation. So until those elements come out, it did not make sense for us to try and maintain a new brand identity." 

The revamping will include a new logo for the organisation, and the main feature of the logo will be a spherical symbol being embedded within its design, with the ball-shaped figure decked out in a range of colours.

The design is meant to signify how sports can enhance people‘s people way of life, while the multitude of colours represent how sports can bring together people of different backgrounds.

“It speaks towards the idea that we are always aspiring to do better,” Mr Lim added about the logo. “The colours speak towards the partnership, the empowering of that partnership.”

As part of the facelift, the design will also be featured prominently in other SSC projects.

“What you will subsequently see is the rebranding of the SportCares logo, and all other elements of Sport Singapore's brand identity will feature the same family ideal,” Mr Lim said.

Another new initiative that was unveiled at the press conference was ActiveSG, a scheme which will be launched on 26 April. As the national movement for sports, ActiveSG will create a sporting ecosystem that provides innovative and experiential programming at a network of sporting spaces. 

About Sport Singapore

Sport Singapore logo

The Sport Singapore brand is about empowering people to live better through sport and helping to bring sport into the lives of all Singaporeans. This is the inspiration behind the brand design.

The positive upward spiral of the Sport Singapore ‘sphere’ symbolises the fullness of life that sport brings to people of all ages and abilities. The colour bands symbolise the diversity of people and the wide spectrum of ways that sport benefits all Singaporeans, transcending boundaries and expressing the partnerships and community building that sport represents.

The colour palette is anchored on red, reflecting the passion for sport and the potential for harnessing sport in nation building. The robust italicised font gives the overall brand identity a confident, future-ready expression that is relatable by all.

Singapore Sports Council logo

Live Better Through Sport - Sport Singapore recognises the value of sport in advancing the national priorities of developing our people and bonding our communities.


Singapore Sports Council location map

3 Stadium Drive, Singapore 397630