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Sports facilities to be a stone's throw away

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In a matter of years, Singaporeans will soon have sporting and recreational facilities within 10 minutes from their homes under a new master plan announced by the government during the Committee of Supply (COS) debate 2014. The first phase of this plan will include a mix of new facilities, as well as a rejuvenation of the existing ones, with innovative new features.

Here’s what it means to the average Singaporean who lives in the heartlands.


You will no longer have to travel long distances via private or public transport just to hit the gym or play a sport because it’s just 10 minutes away. This translates into reduced travelling time and transport costs. You will be able to save money and spend more time on other priorities in life, for example, spending more time with your loved ones. 

URA infographic for SFMP

(Infographic provided by Urban Redevelopment Authority) 

Better and newer sports facilities

Judging from the artist impressions, the spanking new Regional Sports Centres are going to be awesome and will allow Singaporeans to have a great time with their families and friends while enjoying the facilities within.

Residents of Ang Mo Kio will be delighted to know that the Ang Mo Kio Swimming Complex will be redeveloped into a Wet Play Field that will comprise modern wet features such as an adventure sports pool with a floating playground. 

Ang Mo Kio Wet Play Field (artist impression)

(Artist impression by Singapore Sports Council)

There will also be a new Regional Sports Centre in Punggol that will cater to a wider range of competitive sports and events and will be integrated with Punggol’s waterways and co-located with the SAFRA clubhouse. This new Regional Sports Centre will be able to host sports activities and events for the community of Punggol.

Punggol Recreational Sports Centre (artist impression)

(Artist impression by Singapore Sports Council) 

A new Sports and Recreation Centre in Sembawang will combine sporting and community facilities to create a vibrant social space and offer greater convenience to residents.

Sembawang Sports and Recreational Centre (artist impression)

(Artist impression by Singapore Sports Council) 

More vibrant and exciting neighbourhood

At the community level, new spaces and facilities will be created in the neighbourhood for sports and recreation as part of the Sports in Precinct programme. The Jurong Spring Community Play Field (below) is a pilot project for the new programme that will feature sheltered playing areas and multi-use courts, to cater to all ages, thereby bringing new sporting spaces closer to you. 

Jurong Spring Community Play Field (artist impression)

(Artist impression by Singapore Sports Council) 

With these new Regional Sports Centres, and new spaces and facilities created in the neighbourhood for sports and recreation so close to home, it’s now much easier for you to start living better through sports with your families and friends!