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Enthusiasts sweat it out at Men's Health Urbanathalon 2014

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Mens Health Urbanathlon 2014

A participant literally flying through the obstacles at the Men’s Health Urbanathalon 2014. (Photo by Calvin Teoh/ Singapore Sports Council)

About 3500 fitness enthusiasts raised their game on Sunday morning (2 March) at The Float @ Marina Bay, as they took part in this year’s Men’s Health Urbanathalon organised by SPH Magazines. 

Urbanathlon 2014 at The Float at Marina Bay

The Men’s Health Urbanathalon 2014 saw about 3,500 participants taking part in the urban obstacle course. (Photo by Philip Au/ Singapore Sports Council)

Arguably the toughest urbanathalon anyone can participate in locally, this year’s race consisted of nine obstacle courses, namely; Curve analysis, Balance Sheet, Wire House, Peaks and Troughs, Workload, Leap of Faith, Lateral Move and The Network.

In the curve analysis obstacle, participants had to jump and pull themselves over 1.5m high cement pipes.

The Balance Sheet obstacle required participants to balance themselves on sloping 2-inch beams. Participants had to untangle themselves in a web of bungee cords in the Wire House (below) while they enjoy climbing up and descending 3m high sloping structures in the Peaks and Troughs. 

Mens Health Urbanathlon 2014

(Photo by Calvin Teoh/ Singapore Sports Council)

A test of strength awaited them next, as they had to carry 20kg of wet sandbags and run 100m before climbing up a 2m high tower before using a pole to lower themselves in the Leap of Faith (see below).

Mens Health Urbanathlon 2014

(Photo by Calvin Teoh/ Singapore Sports Council)

Using only their barre hands, participants lifted themselves to traverse through two sets of parallel bars in the Lateral Move, before climbing up and down a 3.2m 3-ton truck using a rope web in The Netword (below).

Urbanathlon 2014 at The Float at Marina Bay

(Photo by Philip Au/ Singapore Sports Council)

This year, a surprise was in store for all as a Mystery course was introduced. No participant had any clue about this course until race day, and it seemed like that was everyone’s favourite.

Ms Vicky Wong, Team Head, Marketing, Men's & Special Interest, SPH Magazines, was honoured to share what the mystery event was all about: “Participants had to run up a treacherous slope before sliding down on the other side to a refreshing pool of water. Many of them were having fun doing this obstacle course!”

“This year, we had 500 more participants signing up and we had six new obstacles to add on to the three obstacles carried forward from last year, which were favourites. And of course, we had the mystery obstacle!”

Anne Qi Hui, a self-employed 33-year-old, was the first woman to cross the finishing line and she could not contain her happiness.

“I feel very happy but I fell down five times so I feel like running again,” she chirped.

“I am happy for everyone, even those who were behind me. It all depends on one’s mental and physical ability. Everyone has equal strength in mind so it doesn’t really matter who is slow and who is fast,” Anne added.

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