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U Bowling 4th Road to Championship

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Open to all NTUC’s U Bowling members, the U Bowling 4th Road to Championship aims to foster and promote goodwill, comradeship, friendship and sportsmanship amongst the bowling fraternity. (Photo by VoxSports)

The U Bowling 4th Road to Championship 2013/2014 attracted interest from the young and old alike, as well as those that were just there to soak in the atmosphere and enjoy a fun-filled day with friends and family.

Open to all NTUC’s U Bowling members, the 10 pin individual bowling event aims to foster and promote goodwill, comradeship, friendship and sportsmanship amongst the bowling fraternity.

The 4th edition began on 30 June 2013 at The Chevrons’ Orchid Bowl, and culminated in the 7th and final tour on 23 February 2014 at the Orchid Country Club.

While it brought together mostly the seniors seeking an active lifestyle, the U Bowling Championship also garnered interest from the youths who strive to gain valuable knowledge and pointers from the experienced bowlers.

For 74-year-old Victor Teo, he has been active in the bowling scene since 2005 after finding out that U Live offered free bowling session at Orchid Country Club.

Another active senior in the tournament was S.K Lee who had fallen in love with bowling more than three decades ago, and entered the tournament not only to compete, but also to have a pleasant day out with his peers.

“I had been bowling since 1972 and I do enjoy it. There should be more tournaments for senior citizens and youths to create awareness of the sports,” said the 69-year-old. “This will lead to a higher participation rate as there is a large market for seniors competitions in Singapore.”

Lee’s presence in the tournament was welcomed by those younger than him and seeking guidance and tips to improve themselves.

This sentiment was echoed by Sebastian Tay, who started bowling since young and participated in this tournament to compete with the veterans and gain experience from it.

“The bowling scene in Singapore has a long history and it is developing towards a more national level. There are many national figures and the teams are getting younger and more competitive,” expressed the 26-year-old SIM student.

The 4th Road to Championship Grand Final will take place in either March or April this year and the top 32 bowlers from the tour series will be invited for a selection roll off to form Team U Bowling and represent the team in local and international events.
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