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MetaSprint Series Aquathlon - a challenge in and out of the water

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The Aquathlon under the New Moon KHCycle MetaSprint Series pushes the competitors' limits to the max. (Photo by VoxSports)

One particular event not meant for casual enthusiasts is the New Moon KHCycle MetaSprint Series. Comprising three separate races over the course of three months, attempting one - or all - of them requires good stamina and perseverance, among other things.
The first of the series, the Aquathlon - had available categories which included Sprint, Sprint Relay, Kids, Kids Relay, Discovery, and Youth. Sentosa’s Palawan beach was the ideal venue on Sunday, 16 February for the launch of this MetaSprint Series. 

The other races the Duothlon and Triathlon, will take place on 16 March and 13 April respectively. 

Although triathlons are fairly known among the general public, knowledge of Duothlons and Aquathlons may not be as widespread. However, all three are closely related, with Duothlons consisting of running and cycling, and Aquathlons consisting of a swimming leg and a running leg. 

At the MetaSprint Aquathlon, most of the participants were not only competing in it, but using the opportunity to build up to the Triathlon in March together with the Duothlon next month. This could probably be due to the more demanding nature of a Triathlon, compared to a Duothlon or Aquathlon. 

“I actually signed up for all the MetaSprint series [events] so I’ll have a Duothalon next month and a Triathlon the month after next,” revealed Ryan Lee after completing the Aquathlon. 

“It’s one race a month, so it’s quite tiring… but worth it,” said the 14-year-old.

However, for many who take part in these kind of events, the challenge of having to master more than one sport is what repeatedly draws them back. After all, switching seamlessly from one discipline to another while under the pressure of time is definitely not easy, both mentally and physically. 

“I’ve been doing these kind of events since the Milo Triathlon last year, and I joined this instead of just running because there’s a challenge… it motivates me to want to do better and hopefully be at the top,” he shared.

As to what training is involved in order to compete effectively at multi-discipline events, Ryan said: “I usually train at East Coast Park once a week with my dad, where we do a short swim then a cycle and a run. I also do a few laps at the pool or go running with my mum whenever I’m free.” 

Emma Middleditch, who topped the 12 to 13 year-old Girls’ category with a timing of 00:14:24mins, also shared some difficulty in doing the Aquathlon as compared to a normal run.

“I think my performance was good, but the swim was sometimes very tough,” she revealed.

“It was very crowded, and we all kind of had to push each other without meaning to while trying to get ahead.” 

Despite that, the 11-year-old, who took part in the Aquathlon with her father and elder sister, was glad she competed in the race. 
She said: “I decided to go for the Metasprint Series because last year I did it and found it to be a really good experience… at first I was hesitating if I should do this one as I had an aquathlon yesterday, but my family still decided to take to part. For that I’m glad!”

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