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Improve your fitness with the Adidas Smart Run, Nike FuelBand SE

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Are you looking to improve your health and fitness this year? Help is at hand, if you are not afraid to spend some money on the right tools to help you along. Indeed, interest in wearable fitness devices have skyrocketed over the last year. Today, the market is replete with entry-level wearable devices from both upstarts and established sports brands.

With this in mind, we want to highlight a couple of wearable bracelets from two well-recognized brands: The Adidas Smart Run and the Nike FuelBand SE, which are designed to help you train for your next marathon, or track your daily physical activities respectively.

Adidas Smart Run

The Adidas Smart Run is essentially an all-in-one watch equipped with a color touchscreen, a heart rate monitor and GPS tracking – all integrated into its chassis. When in use, the Smart Run actively tracks important information such as a runner's location, speed and heart rate. To see how well you have done, the data can be uploaded and reviewed on a computer after a run or workout and compared with previous sessions.

The device itself comes with 3GB of storage for music files for piping music to a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones (not included). To stay in the zone, runners can opt to receive real-time feedback based on their heart rate, either through the watch face or via the headphones. Hundreds of free templates that are available, allowing highly personalized training parameters and targets to be setup in advance. 

A bonus feature of the Smart Run is that it can also offer guidance for workouts should you decide to hit the gym instead of going for a run. Just plan your workout ahead of time, and the appropriate video instructions will be displayed on the smartwatch as you perform your reps.

Nike FuelBand SE 

Unveiled just months ago, Nike’s FuelBand Second Edition (SE) is the new and improved version that adds in sleep tracking, Bluetooth 4.0 and a better build. The popular FuelBand sports bracelet is really a gamification on the health and fitness front, eliminating terms like “calories” and “steps taken” in favor of NikeFuel, a unit of measurement invented by Nike as a means to quantify the physical activities performed in the day. 

Captured statistics can be uploaded using Bluetooth to your smartphone, while a dedicated app allows you to view both historical and real-time data. The Nike+ FuelBand app also uploads this data onto the Web for bragging rights and to win virtual awards. The idea is to serve as a constant reminder to participate in more activities such as sports, or to indulge in more physical activities such as dropping one bus stop earlier and walking. Pushing a button on the unit brings up its unique 100-dot OLED display to display the current NikeFuel earned for the day.

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