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Gearing up for cycling

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Like many other sports, cycling has evolved significantly over the years. Today, there are bikes designed specifically for use on the road, on dirt tracks, for racing, as well as commuter bikes that can be folded and brought into the MRT train with you.

Similarly, the last year or so have seen a slew of interesting gadgets that cyclists can use. Some of them are designed specifically for bicycles, while others may be cross functional gear that are also ideal for use by cyclists. We highlight a selection of some of the most cutting edge ones that have come to our attention below. 

Revolights: The Revolights (above) offers smart illumination that lights up a cyclist’s path. The device throws a uniquely even and wide vertical swath of light to illuminate both the ground, road signs and elevated obstacles. Revolights currently work only with road and hybrid bikes with 27-inch wheels, though support for mountain bikes and 26-inch wheels should be added soon. Price: US$229 

AfterShokz Bluez: The AfterShokz Bluez (above) is a pair of wireless headphones that can be used by cyclists to listen to music while they cycle without compromising their safety. This is possible because the AfterShokz Bluez does not cover the ears, but uses ear bone conduction technology that is only heard by the wearer. The AfterShokz Bluez offers up to 6 hours of music playback at low volume. Price: US$99.95 

Hammerhead: The Hammerhead (above) attaches itself to the hand bars of a bicycle to provide turn-by-turn light pattern instructions to navigation both on the road and off-road, transmitted by a GPS app installed on a smartphone. The device integrates with cycling apps such as Strava and MapMyRide. The Kickstarter project is currently available for preorder, and is scheduled to ship in June 2014. Price: US$85 

Rubbee: Another Kickstarter project, the Rubbee (above) is a friction drive module designed to convert most standard bicycles on the market into electric bicycles. According to its makers, the Rubbee offers a top speed of 25 km/h and is enough to cover arrange of 25 km. Note that the Rubbee doesn’t seem to conform to all of the LTA guidelines for electric bikes in for use on public roads, so this is probably for either off-road use, or on overseas trips. Scheduled to ship in March 2014, the Rubbee does not come at all cheap. Price: $1190.

When it comes to tracking your physical activities, those serious about doing it as a sport will probably go for specialized hardware such as the Abvio cyclemeter. If you’re not inclined to shell out money on them, it may be worth noting that a number of the newly released activity trackers also claim to be able to track cycling. You can read up more about them here.

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