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Five of the hottest activity trackers

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Looking to keep a tab on your movement throughout the day to ensure that you are not sitting around for too long each day? For users who are not into expensive gadgets, you can check out our lineup of five top activity tracker apps that you can install on your smartphone.

But if more precise hardware monitoring is what you’re looking for, do take a closer look at the five cutting-edge activity trackers highlighted below. Note that some of these hardware gadgets were only released recently, and you may not be able to purchase them from retail shops in Singapore yet.

Fitbit Force

The Fitbit Force is the latest activity tracker from Fitbit, which makes the highly popular Fitbit Flex. The Fitbit Force offers additional capabilities though, such as the ability to track both physical activity and sleep, as well as an integrated altimeter to track the stairs climbed. It also comes with a significantly better OLED display built-in, and a new silent vibrating alarm to boot. Like the Fitbit Flex, the Force syncs with free Fitbit app on the iOS and Android platform.

Jawbone Up24 

Designed as the direct replacement for the original Jawbone Up, the Jawbone Up24 offers refined tracking ability and a Bluetooth 4.0 radio for wireless syncing with the free smartphone app. Unlike competitors such as the Fitbit Force, the Jawbone Up24 doesn’t have any display built-in. There are two LEDs around the back of the band though, to indicate when the unit is in awake mode, or monitoring your sleep cycles. One major downside: The Jawbone Up24 is only compatible with iOS devices (No Android support) at the time of writing.

Nike Fuelband SE

The Nike FuelBand Second Edition (SE) is the new and improved version of the original FuelBand that adds in sleep tracking, Bluetooth 4.0 and an improved build. The well-known activity tracker captures activities as NikeFuel, an arbitrary unit of measurement invented by Nike. Captured NikeFuel statistics is uploaded using Bluetooth to your smartphone, which can be used to review both historical and real-time data.

Misfit Shine 

The Misfit Shine looks more like a fashion accessory than an activity tracker. Carved from a solid chunk of aircraft grade aluminum, it is also the only waterproof device, and can actually be used for activities such as swimming. When out of the water, the Shine can be worn as a sports band, necklace, tied to your shoelace, or even clipped to a pocket. A replaceable CR2032 coin battery offers sufficient juice for at least 4 months of regular use before it have to be replaced.

Polar Loop 

The Polar Loop activity tracker brings a unique feature not offered by other activity trackers mentioned here: The ability to sync with an optional heart rate monitor. An LED array screen can display the time of day, amount of activity time, and estimated calories burned. The device syncs with an iOS app. It is worth noting that unlike most of the other activity trackers here, the Polar Loop is the very first such device from Polar.

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