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Mungara and Mok amongst winners at StanChart Marathon 2014

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Standard Chartered Marathon 2014

Participants of the Standard Chartered Marathon 2014 running past the OCBC Arena. (Photo by VoxSports)

Standard Chartered veteran runners Kenneth Mungara and local athlete Mok Ying Ren were crowned champions in their respective categories in the 2014 edition of the marathon on 7 December.

Mungara successfully reclaimed the crown he last won in 2010 after finishing the race in 2hr 16min 42sec, ahead of his nearest competition and compatriot David Kiptui Tarus (02:19:07).

The Kenyan expressed his delight at being crowned champion once again, after a long four years wait. 

Standard Chartered Marathon 2014

An emotional Kenneth Mungara after his win. (Photo by VoxSports)

“The race today was very nice, the weather was good and I enjoyed it. I was alone and didn’t have someone to push me to go even faster,” Mungara shared.

“I aim to be back again and to set a new course record.”

Local star Mok won his fifth overall Standard Chartered Local Men’s Open after he defended his title with a better timing than last year’s. The certified medical doctor ran a timing of 2:53:42 this year, as opposed to his time of 2:54:17 last year.

The feat was all the more remarkable considering this was Mok’s first competitive event since he returned from injury, and he is now looking to push on.

“I’m actually very happy, this is my longest run since my injury 42km, the last one was 36km during my training,” Mok exclaimed. “I’m very glad my shin held up, there is no pain after I checked just now at the end, so I’m very happy I can up the intensity of my training.”

“The next step is to try and qualify for the SEA Games, which is to run 2 hours 30 mins, somewhere in February or March, and then after that we will focus on training for the SEA Games.

The marathon also saw several prominent figures participating in the name of charity, with Minister for Culture, Community & Youth, Mr Lawrence Wong and retired football hero Aleksandar Duric participating in the Ekiden category for SportCares. 

Standard Chartered Marathon 2014
Aleksandar Duric. (Photo by VoxSports)

Duric, who only recently announced his retirement from football, was more than delighted that he had a chance to run in the name of charity, although he did give him a restless night the day before. “It was great fun, we did well in a team of six, Minister Wong ran first and I was third and from there I ran all the way I didn’t stop. It was great to see so many people and great for us to look after SportCares and children who need our help,” Duric said.

“I didn’t get a good sleep last night so I struggled initially but it became better after I picked up the pace.

“I was kind of excited about the race, doesn’t happen everyday, only once a year. You see so many Singaporeans and people from overseas coming in taking part in the Standard Chartered Marathon is just great.”

The 2014 Standard Chartered Marathon also featured legendary runner Haile Gebraselassie, who ran in the 10km race. Even though he only managed to finish in third place, the Ethiopian was a hit with fans who clamoured to have their photographs taken with him

“The crowd in Singapore has been fantastic and I treated the race as a celebration,” Gebraselassie said.

“It’s a wonderful atmosphere and everything was great, except the weather. The humidity is not something I expected but the guys from Kenya really pushed me to go faster.”

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