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If Our Voices Can Make a Difference, What Will Yours Be?

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SportSG’s new brand campaign “One Team Singapore” with tagline of “Five Million Voices, One Team” seeks to encapsulate that everyone is part of one Team Singapore. Riding on the momentum from the campaign “Together We Are Stronger” in 2013 where it focuses on bringing athletes into the community and the importance of their supporters,  SportSG is embarking on a new brand campaign to build greater affinity and support for our athletes as they prepare to do Singapore proud in the SEA Games and the ASEAN Para Games come 2015. 

The concept of Team Singapore was unveiled by then DPM Dr Tony Tan on 20 April 2001. It is about creating a shared identity for all Singaporeans, with sport as a national language. It represents the unique connection between our athletes and every other Singaporean – young or old, as they embark on their journey as one. Team Singapore is about being one big family that inspires one another through sport – a relationship that extends beyond the sporting fraternity, and beyond the major Games.

As the wider village that sits behind the athlete, it is about supporting them because we recognise that they are our icons and role models for what we believe in – the Singapore spirit, a fighting spirit and a spirit of excellence. It is through our support that our athletes will not only represent us well at the SEA Games and the ASEAN Para Games, but to also come out to inspires us with their stories.

Watch how Your Voice Changes The Game.

So where do you stand? Join Team Singapore by liking us on our Team Singapore Facebook Page and hashtag #OneTeamSG to join the team!
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