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SNG2014: Hoping SNG inspires a sporting culture

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Kenneth Khoo SNG

Kenneth Khoo may not be a full-time sportsman, but he enjoys running, so much so that it can become the only thing he looks forward to after a day of work.

In fact, the 32-year-old teacher will feel out of sorts should he miss a day of running, despite his busy routine of educating the next generation of students.

“Running just gives me a sense of peace & calm. Sometimes after a hard day’s work, it’s the only thing I look forward to,” Khoo shared.

“I do enjoy that sense of accomplishment after finishing a hard workout, & I get to keep fit at the same time. So why not?

“Sure I can’t train as much as I would like compared to a full timed athlete, but hey, we can’t have everything in life. I’m just happy to be able to continue pursuing my passion. In fact, I feel weird if I don’t end my day with training, it’s like something’s missing.”

Participating in the upcoming Singapore National Games’ (SNG) ‘Stadium Run’, Khoo admitted it hasn’t been easy coping work with running at first, but now he has learnt to manage the juggling act.

“You can’t afford to give yourself excuses as well. It’s a slippery slope. Once you’ve gotten use to making excuses for yourself, it’s going to be difficult to pull yourself out of the sinkhole,” he added matter-of-factly.

“I have to admit it was tough the first one to two years. But once you settled into the routine, everything just falls into place.”

After missing the last SNG due to injury, Khoo was excited to participate in the 2014’s edition, especially since he feel it will help promote a sporting culture within the nation.

For him, his biggest hope will be that SNG actually stirs up interest for the various sports, and provide motivation for athletes to preserve in their respective fields.

“The problem facing many Singapore sports is the fact that for a school athlete, the highlight of his or her sporting career is the National Schools Championships. After that, everything just goes downhill,” he explained.

“The magic of the Nationals is such that the publicity is there, the support is passionate (you have your school mates cheering you on) & you have time blocked out for competitive training. “For some reason, we’ve never ever been able to replicate these conditions at any competition at senior level.

“Hopefully, the SNG can morph into something with sufficient popular appeal & viewership to sustain athletes’ motivation to train after their school days.”
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