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Carbs that you should eat

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carbs you should eat

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If you have been avoiding carbohydrates like the plague because you’ve heard that they are a big no-no for anyone wanting to fight the flab, then we have good news for you. Carbohydrates are not as harmful to the figure as some might make them out to be. Indeed, the key to shaping up and achieving a healthier body is ultimately a balanced diet. Carbohydrates, being a major part of the food pyramid, are essential because they are the fuel that gives a body energy to keep going.

But don’t reach out for that red velvet cupcake just yet.

It is important to know which are the right kinds of carbs to consume. Carbohydrates can generally be sorted into three types - starch, fibre, and sugar. The former two are considered  complex carbohydrates, and are usually found in plant-based food that also contain vitamins and minerals. Sugar, on the other hand, is a simple carbohydrate and a quick source of energy.

Some sources of complex carbohydrates include whole grains, potatoes, and beans. Simple carbohydrates may be obtained  food such as candy, white bread and rice, fruits, and vegetables.Although it may seem that complex carbohydrates are the healthier option, there are some wholesome choices that can be  classified as simple carbohydrates too.

Additionally, carbohydrates can also be divided into refined and unrefined sources. Refined carbohydrates are mostly manufactured products that have low nutritional value and will cause spikes or drops in your blood sugar level. Unrefined carbohydrates help maintain blood sugar levels instead. They also take a longer time to digest, providing the body with the energy that it needs over a longer period of time.

Refer to the table below to find out which types of carbohydrates you should remove from your diet, and which you should include in order to attain dietary balance.

If you are craving …

Substitute with …

A jam sandwich

Strawberries on whole wheat bread


Wholegrain pasta

Chicken rice

Chicken and quinoa salad


A banana

Potato crisps

A grilled potato



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